Here Comes the Bride..uh..Mother of the Groom!

They say the wedding day is all about the bride and this certainly is true especially
when I am the bride.  (Don’t even ask).  Good fortune is having people around who love
you no matter what and the no matter what can be the MOG (Mother of the Groom)
who was her own shining star in The Wedding of the Year.  It was a good thing that William and Kate got their tawdry little affair over in April to clear the decks for The Wedding.  Well I should correct any misunderstanding here – I loved the Royal Wedding and as some of you may recall my sister who lived in the same apartment building as I showed up on my doorstep at 5:30 in the morning, in her pajamas with sleep tousled hair and a homemade at-the-last -moment Fascinator.  It was fascinating and almost as much fun as being there!  And dear William and Kate, who I encourage to call me Mummy, are a delight.  So without putting down their attempts at putting on the dog as it were I shall just bask in the glory of my moment. Uh I mean the bride’s moment.  It’s a darn good thing my daughter-in-law has a terrific sense of humor – actually both DILs do which is probably why we get along so well and they have a high tolerance level for moi.

So having promised pics many moons ago and just having received them a few days ago I
thought I better get posting as some of you, my blogging friends, have a very long memory.

The Groom and Mommy I raised this child just for this moment!


Not all my exes live in Texas..Son's Dad


light hearted and fun lotsa laughs


Two Brothers My Sons


The Groom, The Radiant Bride and her Father




20 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride..uh..Mother of the Groom!”

  1. The Groom has your smile and looks and therefore I assume also inherited your sense of humor. I have one daughter-in-law I love and one who barely speaks to us which is probalbly good as she is a a tad diffiult. Now separated. As my mother would say–thank God for small favors.

    Love the kilts, wish all men would wear them, gets my juices going, dirty old lady that I am.

    Gather the cold is a bit better.

  2. Great pics Chris! You must have started having kids when you were like 10 or so…… No way you look old enough to have kids above the age of 25 or so…. 🙂

  3. You are a beautiful MOG!!! I love your picture with your son. I LOVE the laughing bride picture. Why would anyone want their union to be somber? Thank you for sharing your wonderful moment! Good daughter in laws you have by the way! How could they not love a MOG? 🙂

  4. So is it true about what they say about .. you know.. the kilt and stuff! i was a mother of the groom once, and i had a wee bit too much champagne and called the brides friend Cleavage Girl.. well she was showing way too much in my opinion! trying to attract the attention of ANY of my other sons. So i am not terribly sure that my daughter in law has a very high opinion of me at all! oh well. i shall really try to do better next time. c

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