Once Fact Now Myth..What’s a Girl to Believe

Once Facts Now Myths

I do not consider myself a paranoid or a distrusting person but am finding I mistrust absolute truths..hmm perhaps that does make me a mistruster of facts.  One thing I have learned with age…I mean experience- keep an open mind.  What is presented as fact is not necessarily true, in fact given enough time and study most ‘truths’ will be debunked.  It’s all about perception and what we choose to believe.

1)  Sugar makes children hyperactive.
I have never believed this one and am glad the truth finally came out..in a number of studies. I feel vindicated.  If the children are out of control it is due to things other than sugar.

2)  Another myth debunked was that people lost up to 45 per cent of their body heat through the head.
Now I have to admit I could easily buy into this one as you/we have major arteries and veins shielded by a thin skinned neck so it makes sense that if left uncovered your circulatory system would hit sub zero temps more quickly. But apparently not!

3)  Eating at night makes you fat. False. People gain weight because they take in more calories overall than they burn up, regardless of when the calories are consumed.
You know I have a hard time with this one.  After all if you consume more calories and then partake in some form of exercise to increase your metabolism, which is probably earlier in the day would those calories not be used up?  Hmm maybe the key is in increasing your metabolism but it still seems that if you ingest lots and lots of calories and then just sleep doesn’t it make sense that those calories will nestle into your fat cells and never ever move.  It ‘feels’ like eating at night does make you fat!

4)  Drinking water, taking Aspirin, eating bananas, etc. will cure a hangover. False. “A hangover is caused by excess alcohol consumption. Thus, the most effective way to avoid a hangover is to consume alcohol only in moderation or not at all,” 
Now my own thoughts are- there must be a way of mitigating the effects of a hangover other than doing the moderation thing.  There just must be.

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5). Climate has always changed, and it always will. The assumption that prior to the industrial revolution the Earth had a “stable” climate is simply wrong. The only sensible thing to do about climate change is to prepare for it.
Now this one I totally believe in.  Every ten thousand years or so the earth has undergone dramatic climate change and we are due.  Sure we are making a mess of the earth but that doesn’t change the fact that previous warming effects had nothing to do with mankind.  I believe we should be vigilante but if we think we are going to change the cycle of time then it’s time to get real.
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17 thoughts on “Once Fact Now Myth..What’s a Girl to Believe”

  1. I so agree with number 3. My dad always ate before bed and not just a little snack. He was always a slim man even in his old age. He worked hard and needed all the extra energy he could get. I still think the key is keeping active. There are many things we thought were fact but now have been proved wrong. The only thing constant is change!!

  2. Eating food late at night: the digestive system is working the hardest at night therefore takes a longer time to pass food through….in contrary to Early Mornin. Eating food after going to bed straight away definitely made me put on more weight…. Always give the stomach , time(2hrs max) to digest food properly before going to bed.

    The earth is rising in higher vibrations and can no longer withstand more people holding more denser emotions: sadness, despair, anger…etc… So death, diseases and disaster shall naturally arise when there’s an over flow of human population

  3. It’s amazing how many ideas we take as fact for years and years and then one day learn they’re false. I wish I’d kept a list of all those myths that have been debunked for me over the years.

  4. Climate change is here to stay… I just pray it doesn’t get drastic. As for fat/calories, we can’t discount what happen with people who have a thyroid problem or poor metabolism… or taking steroids… all fat gaining factors that are not completely diet related.
    I still wear a hat in the cold weather, it helps keep me warm but I get the myth thing. 😉

  5. And there is the one that if you go swimming within an hour of eating, you will drown. As a kid, I never believed that fully, but at the same time I didn’t want to die. So every time we were at the pool, I would take 10 minutes of the hour and go for a swim. When I got down to zero minutes, I went to my Mom, dripping wet, and told her that in the future I would find it hard to believe her.

  6. You mean to tell me all those times my mother dressed me up like the Michelin man or the Stay Puff Marshmallow guy was for nothing?! Knowing I had hair down to my behind and piled on top of my head capped off with the ever popular triple thick layer of knit about killed me. I claimed she was trying to cook me and after all these years…it turns out I was right. Gives light as to what is wrong with me, my brain is cooked nice 🙂

  7. I eat after 9 p.m. ALL the time and it DOES make me feel a little guilty, but I also work out late at night, so that counters the effects, right? Right?! The stress of it all is making me want to reach for the cheese puffs… 🙂

  8. Hi,

    I used to belive that “Eating at night makes you fat” knowing that it is a myth gives me such a relief. i used to be cautious about how much I eat at nights. Thanks 🙂


  9. Quite agree….but not so sure about calories. I know that I am overweight, but I only eat three small meals a day. Everyone says that I need to eat more to get the MBR going, but how can I eat more when I do not want it…puzzle!

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