There is Bad, Perverted, Stupid, Incompetent.. Then There is The Ontario College of Teachers and Jacques Tremblay

There is Bad, Perverted, Stupid, Incompetent.. Then There is The Ontario College of Teachers and Jacques Tremblay

An author, The Sexteens’ author is almost the worst kind of human trash imaginable, promoting through publication of his book softporn for teens.  According to today’s edition of The Hamilton Spectator his book ‘chronicles the sexy adventures of Grade 9 girls and boys at a mythical Toronto high school.’. (striptease, sexual touching, orgasm, blackmail, two mail teachers having a threesome with a female student.on and on…

So let’s see that would make the kids about thirteen years old.

What people choose to write and read is up to them.  This post has nothing to do with censoring or taste.

What it has to do with is the fact that the author is one of the most important education officials in the province of Ontario.  This (in my opinion only) slime is a watchdog, presiding over the colleges disciplinary committee.  He is chair of this committee which deals with teachers ‘alleged to have violated the trust of students and the public through sexual assault, verbal and physically abusive attacks, or incompetent behaviour.’

His name is Jacques Tremblay and while the very thought of him turns my stomach I am even more appalled at the Ontario College of Teachers.

Oh and it’s not a new publication.  It was published in 2008.

The inmates are in control of the asylum and the first thing they are doing is to protect bad teachers and help your thirteen year old achieve orgasm and jump to a seamier side of life all in the name of education.

16 thoughts on “There is Bad, Perverted, Stupid, Incompetent.. Then There is The Ontario College of Teachers and Jacques Tremblay”

  1. There are a growing number of child predators around on a daily basis in the Toronto District School Board in Canada.
    So, is it possible to spot a child predator teacher? Yes. But the TDSB cronies will deny the accusations and defend the pedophile.

    Many female sex offender teachers in the TDSB often offend where they won’t get caught — when they have misdirected people’s attention
    Often married or in relationships such as Mary Gowans and Tania Pontbriand.

    Female sex offenders are often women teachers who become sexual predators to fulfill their own needs such as when Kim Gervais
    was wearing sexualized clothing to entrap 12 year old boys into illegal oral sex at her home.

    Female teachers in Canadian society have been portrayed as victims, but somewhere within their victimisation they have learned that to abuse children gave teachers like Mary Gowans, Tania Pontbriand, Nathalie Champagne, Jennifer Mason and Kim Gervais a sense of power, control, agency, and therefore they use the abuse of children to gain those things.

    It was reported that top management of the Toronto District School Board wrote letters to court seeking leniency for ‘child predator’ teacher Mary Gowans after phone records revealed that Mary Gowans exchanged sexually charged messages to a 14 year old student.

    It shows that the Toronto District School Board defends the deviant teachers who use the teaching profession to groom, molest and sexually abuse students, which is despicable and should be condemned and seek a remedy. The TDSB needs to change their ways and desist from supporting predator teachers..

  2. Jacque Tremblay and his cronies passed judgement on one teacher who dare speak up against the stupidity of the Ontario College of Teachers, James A. Black. Mr. Black’s reputation was impeccable as a former judge, a member of the British Columbia ethics committee who was responsible for kicking sex offenders out of British Columbia classrooms in the mid 1980s and Black was recognised throughout Canada . Mr. Black not only was nominated for National and Provincial Teacher awards and Citizenship awards, one of his students was featured on CNN on September 11 2002 on behalf of the New York September 11th Fund thanking the world for their support of the people of New York. The young lady had shaved her head as a fund raiser as part of Dryden Ontario Apple Project in support of the victims of September 11th. Why was Mr. Black suspended by Jacque Tremblay the admitted pornographer and Tremblay’s so called colleagues on the College of Teachers?
    Black was contacted by the Liberal Government’s Minister of Education Office and asked to write a report on the Operation and Problems of the Ontario College of Teachers. What did he report? See below. CTV news carried the story and later Black was found guilty for his opposition to stupidity.
    If you read his report below and agree with any of it…consider sending a letter of protest to the Minister of Education demanding Mr. Black be reinstated as a teacher in the province of Ontario. We could do nothing and all the stupidity will continue.
    “(1.) 80 % or more of the College of Teachers Council are non-teachers or non-practising teachers operating in the narrow public interest of a handful of organizations, religious groups, and administrative bodies in the field of education. In short, they have an axe to grind.
    (2.) Numerous cases before the College have clearly shown a bias on the side of administrators. In particular is the Jagdish Bhadauria’s case. An outstanding educator and humanitarian was prosecuted through the levels of the Ontario College of Teachers procedures but his detailed allegations of discrimination and administrative abuse was ignored at all levels of the College. As the only elected educator on the discipline panel of the Bhadauria’s case, I was not allowed to provide a dissenting decision and was forced under Ontario College of Teachers regulations and also required by the chair of the hearing to sign the decision that I voted against. Teachers for the most part have no voice on the Ontario College of Teachers.
    (3.) The organization’s Registrars Report of February 2003 identifies the questionable practises of principals as 5 times per capita higher than teachers. Not surprising but virtually none of the administrators are forwarded to hearings.
    Reported information by the Registrar: 384 expressions of concern in 2002,
    80 expressions of concerns about principals
    Estimated Numbers of Teachers: – Teachers 175,000
    -5,000 principals members of the Principals
    Association of Ontario
    Calculations: Principals = 80(expressions of concern) x 100 divided by 5000 = 1.6%
    Teachers= 384 (expressions of concern) x 100 div by 175,000 = 0.21
    (4.) The investigators of the Ontario College of teachers are not teachers. Investigators have no sensitivity to classrooms, students or even teachers.
    (5.) Investigators and the investigation committees do not see the people who have made the allegations or even ask questions face to face with the accused or witnesses. This practise is absurd! If police investigations were given these ridiculous limitations in Canada, the criminal justice system would crawl to a complete halt.
    (6.) A petition was presented to the Ontario College of Teachers with 20,000 teacher signatures on it. The petition was never discussed. Obviously if 20,000 teachers concerns can be ignored why would a formal complaint by one teacher be even considered.
    (7.) Habitually, Native Language Instructors, Ontario Aboriginal Teachers, Teachers of Aboriginal Students and Aboriginal schools are disadvantaged and discriminated against by practises, policies, and administration of the Ontario College of Teachers.
    Unlike classroom teachers who are hired from out of Province and live and work in southern Ontario, many Aboriginal Communities or Aboriginal classroom Teachers who are hired from outside of the Province are required to pay an addition $1,200 dollars or more to cover the cost of traveling to the required Ontario College of Teachers Teacher Test sites. For all intents and purposes the required test is a duplication of many of the Faculty of Education examinations and is nothing more than an excuse to penalize Northern Educators.
    Aboriginal Languages Qualifications are not considered the required basic qualification for the Ontario College of Teachers Qualifications. One courageous long time Aboriginal Teacher who had moved to a public board was denied full time employment because of her racial origins and laid a complaint against a none aboriginal administrator who made disparaging comments about her aboriginal qualifications. The administrator claimed her qualifications were only good on a reserve. The OCT investigator ended the investigation when the administrator claimed he could not remember what he had said to the Aboriginal Teacher. After this incident, I made a phone call to the OCT Certification and spoke with a senior officer of the Ontario College staff. I was told Aboriginal Teachers across Ontario with Aboriginal qualifications do not qualify for basic level teacher qualifications. I was told that aboriginal language only qualifies aboriginal teachers to teach on reserves. Why are English, French, and or Spanish teachers handed “basic” level qualifications that are good any where in Ontario by the Ontario College of Teachers while
    Aboriginal Languages Speakers are clearly disadvantaged by the language they speak?
    The work environment is further poisoned when Aboriginal Language Teachers are evaluated in a course other than Native Language. Could an administrator get away with evaluating and firing an English, or Math Teacher by directing him/her to teach in Cree? I think not! But Native Language instructors are routinely evaluated in a foreign language and suffer the consequences of negative reports.
    While two Ontario Universities offer 2 degrees in Religious Music, 5 offer degrees in recreation and leisure studies, 7 offer Latin Degrees, 14 offer Spanish degrees, and another 9 offer Italian degrees; Ontario does not offer a University Level Degree Program in Native Languages. The Royal Commission on Aboriginal People 1996 recommended an Aboriginal University. Many northern aboriginal people are required to take all of their courses in a foreign language such as English, or French to become teachers. The outcome of this discrimination is that Aboriginal Language Teachers in the public system get paid far less, unless they duplicate their qualifications in another field of study.
    When I raised these issues at the Council of the Ontario Council as the Northern Representative I was mercilessly heckled.

    (8.) During a Council meeting an employee of the Ontario College of Teachers responded to a question by offering to shoot me and members of the public with a gun. What professional organization would allow such disgraceful conduct in the highest level of the profession? Why would any teacher trust the Ontario College of Teachers to provide a just and fair hearing?
    (9.) One teacher who held a B.Sc., M. Sc., a B. Ed. Degree was force to wait for over a year for her Ontario Credentials. She was paid as an unqualified teacher during this time and eventually resigned from teaching. Her written appeals and phone calls were ignored. Only after more personal appeals did the file get opened and the only thing holding up the credentials ….a hand written return address on the university transcript envelope was identified to be at issue. The Ontario College of Teachers’ Certification found it impossible to phone a University Registrar’s Office to confirm the document was real. It was only after I insisted that they confirm the return address that the teacher was actually provided with Ontario Qualifications. Is there any professional organization in Canada that could be so managerially challenged?
    (10.) Why would any teacher in the province of Ontario trust the Ontario College of Teachers? The despicable track record of allowing a convicted, jailed, child molester back into the profession is morally nauseating. Equally repugnant is the secret closed door reinstatement hearings where personal letters of references from Directors of Education and letters from Superintends can be read into the record supporting their friends coming back into the profession. The victims of these teachers are not allowed the right of a victims impact statement as they are not allowed to even attend the closed door reinstatement hearings. The administration of the Ontario College of Teachers can say all they want about representing the College definition of public interest because that public interest represents little more than a handful of organizations, religious groups, and administrative bodies in the field of education.

    …. A realistic professional organization is responsible for the public good and to the dignity of the profession. With less than 5% of the teachers voting in the last Ontario College of Teachers elections, I would suggest the Ontario Council of Teachers be dismantled as an organization. The current Ontario College of Teachers is a paternalist group of educational organizations, religious groups, business interests, and administrative bodies. The new teacher reconstituted professional -organization should have regional representation with no fewer than 90% full time practising classroom teachers as members of the board of directors. Indorsing candidates by interest groups should be prohibited. If teachers are paying for their professional organization they deserve the right to take responsibility for their organization. Teachers should have the democratic right to participate fully in their profession as elected representatives no matter what religion they practice, their place of origin, their membership in a political party or what status they hold within the teaching profession. The public interest will be better served with a democratically elected professional organization that respects the cultural and social standards of all students and teachers. The current Ontario College of Teachers has failed the profession and the students of Ontario. Students and teachers ought to have better!

  3. A retired Ontario teacher and former judge was asked by the Ontario Liberal Government as early as 2004 to report on the outrageous abuse of children by members of the Ontario College of Teachers Council. The Liberal Government’s appointed representatives on the College of Teachers lead by the Teachers’ Union Representative Jacques Tremblay proceeded to silence the report by; fining the former member of the College Council, erroneously reporting the suspension of the author from teaching, and publishing in the notorious Blue Pages of the College of Teachers using the same prose similarly found in Tremblays pornography. The Practice of allowing repeat sex offenders and abusive criminals to teach in Ontario continues and now supplemented by Tremblay’s “educational” pornography.

  4. Whatever happened to common sense? Why do we have to “allow” this crap to go on? I feel your frustration and anger Chris!

  5. Some things are the same all over. The State Board of Education here in Texas is controlled by some real sicko’s as well. What a shame for our kids…

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