The Daily Post prompt; Would you rather laugh with sinners, or cry with saints? created a lot of questions for me.

What makes a saint a saint?
Why would a saint cry and not laugh?
Why would a sinner laugh and not cry?
 Hey! What makes a Saint cry?
Why would a Saint cry?
Why would a  sinner cry?
Are saints crying because sinners are laughing?
Are sinners laughing because saints are crying?
Is it possible to be a saint and not know it?
If I am a saint today and sin tomorrow do I have to resign my saint status?
Since I prefer laughing can’t I laugh with both?
If I am spending my day seeking the joy of life why would I want to cry with either group? 

Of course crying is good too. It’s a wonderful release of pent up emotion and thought, relieving stress, a toxin cleansing and it is very good for the complexion, but alas I do not cry easily.

I love a movie that stirs those tender emotions to tears, a soggy freeing expression without seeming morose. So if the saints are watching Old Yeller or Marley and Me I will cry with them.  To cry and moan and whine..no thanks

The best crying is laughing ’til ……

“Saints are only sinners who keep trying.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

I know lots of sinners, myself included.  I am not sure if I have ever met a saint although have met those with saintly characteristics, but given this limited choice I am all for laughing with sinners, as it would be a pretty lonely existence without them.  Take away the sinners and I may be only person here.  HAHA.

20 thoughts on “S&S”

  1. This post hurt my head….. Now, I’m gonna spend all day trying to figure out if sinners were saints or if saints were sinners or……. aaaarggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get those Skittles ready! I’m already to near Oakville…… having to stop at a Tim Horton’s for a quick donut fix……

  2. Good questions. I had no idea how to answer this one (AGAIN).

    We’re all a bit of a mix, aren’t we?

    I’m with you, I prefer to laugh, at all times.

  3. I love your line of questioning… and your approach too. Good job!
    It was a bit of an odd topic but… hey we went for it. I’m all for laughing with saints and sinners… don’t want to leave anyone out. 🙂

  4. These are all good points to bring up with Billy Joel, who asked this question to music. He contended that “only the good die young” – maybe not only the good, but it does seem that lots of rotten people live a good, long life.

  5. Saints need sinners to be saintly. Sinners need saints to enjoy the small sins we all endulge in.. We are saintly when we work determinedly to the end the two and only major sins–“cruelty to self; gratuitous, careless, cruelty to others. Stay strong.

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