Consequences UARS Style

Consequences UARS Style

Tomorrow, September 23rd confirms that old adage, ‘what goes up must come down’. The predictions for it’s return vary from nothing to worry about, to, it’s a monster and it’s going to get you.
I love how describes the coming event.
“Although most of the spacecraft will be destroyed during re-entry, some will survive. These pieces of debris could pose a small risk of damaging property or endangering people when they fall. “The risk to public safety or property is extremely small, and safety is NASA’s top priority,” NASA said in a statement.”
“The spacecraft will break into pieces as it plummets through the atmosphere, but not all of it will burn up in the heat of re-entry. One analysis of the spacecraft suggests that of its total 6 1/2-ton bulk, only 1,170 pounds (532 kilograms) will survive when it reaches the ground”
What part of that is supposed to be reassuring?  There is a small risk?  Endangering people or damaging property? And…safety may be NASA’s top priority but they have no control over where it will fall or even able to predict with accuracy. It’s true scientists have pinpointed it to between 57 degrees north of the equator and 57 degrees south of the equator which pretty much covers the populated world.
Only 1170 pounds will survive reentry to teach earth. Now wouldn’t that weight from 10 feet be disastrous if it fell on..well me…? Never mind hurtling through space.
Another article says the pieces will miss North America. With friends and family around the world that’s not very consoling. In it’s entirety the school bus sized satellite weighs about six and a half tons the same as the asteroid which reportedly ended the dinosaur rulers of earth. We are consoled by the fact that most of it will burn in the atmosphere.
Apparently human-created orbital debris has reached a critical point so it looks like we can expect a lot more…not exactly raindrops falling on your head. You know there may be something to that Chicken Little Story.
Stay safe my friends and either duck or run whenever appropriate.

18 thoughts on “Consequences UARS Style”

  1. Thankfully, it did fall and end up where it didn’t cause any damage to human… we are simply lucky as it could have been disastrous… Yeah, chicken little was ahead of the game… a visionary… 😉

  2. Oh no…you would have to remind me! 😀 Isn’t this amazing that the thing would not have been planned completely through all stages. Safety is number one? Convince me!!

  3. Geeze Louise! I’m not good at ducking and I don’t have any cover to protect me from that. It’s quite scary!

  4. Ouch! That hurt! Tomorrow I shall be wearing my tin hat just in case flying debris should reach Bulgaria.

    It does sound a bit dodgy! Stay safe blogging buddies!

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