New TV Season Anxiety

New TV Season Anxiety

I have always been rather pleased with myself that I do not watch much television (generally this is knitting time so I can claim to be creative whilst sitting and basically doing nothing) but somehow I have become attached to a few shows and found last season end with some pretty extreme cliff hangers.

I remember the days of Dynasty and the efforts made at the end of each season to outdo the last.  Then the big tussle was between Alexis and Krystle and the best year was when they ended up in a chick fight in the fountain.

I resist new shows because frankly I don’t want to have to decide on getting rid of one show to make room for another.  But there are a few I am looking forward to and hope they will not disappoint.

Two and a Half Men: * This doesn’t really count as I have NEVER watched this show in its entirety and include it only because of a lapse in judgment.  Didn’t like the premise when it was Charlie Sheen and was always baffled by its appeal, but I found myself watching the season premiere tonight perhaps because of all the hype and Ashton Kutcher (even though I do not understand Demi’s attraction to him). Anyway I gave it a go but yuch!

Big Bang Theory:   For years friends recommended The BBT and I went out of my way to avoid it and then last year I got hooked.  I find it witty and entertaining although I must confess Leonard’s whining gets to be a bit much but come Thursday I will perched ready to chuckle and chortle at the naiveté and brilliance of it all.

NCIS: Los Angeles:  I love the story lines and the characters in this series but I have to say that if Hetty in fact dies then I will dump the show as she was the primary reason for watching.

NCIS:  It took a few years to get into watching this show but Mark Harmon has lastability.

The Mentalist:  Now this one has me puzzled.  Patrick Jane successfully kills Red John, but the show started because Jane was on a search for RJ who brutally murdered his wife and daughter.  Now where could they possibly go?  Does it matter if Jane spends the rest of his life in jail as long as he is satisfied that justice was obtained?  He obtained his goal.  I am not sure if I will continue with this series even though the lead character is a cutie that just makes you feel good looking at him.

House:  This is another series I refused to watch in the beginning.  A Doc who is rude, mean, and arrogant and a junkie – no thanks – as a nurse I saw enough of that, but well into the series I began to watch intrigued by the thought of his coming clean.  Even though this completely upended the initial premise it was handled well with excellent scripts and dead solid characters – well the characters weren’t dead just the weekly guests sometimes.  I almost deserted the House Island last year with the messing around with Cuddy (no chemistry between the two of them at all) and may well chuck it this year as it could be all played out.  Apparently they are going to have him spend a year in jail which is pretty screwy since that is what happened to 13 when she had to leave the show to do some movies for a year.

Hawaii Five-0:  This was probably the biggest cliff hanger of all.  The whole Five 0 was disbanded at the end of last season.  Take about upending initial premises! This one along with BBT may be the only two shows I continue to watch this year.  The governor is dead – she was bad…Steve McGarrett is in jail for her murder.  Obviously they have to get Five-0 back and how they do it should be interesting.

The Good Wife:  I resisted this for the first season, got hooked the last season and may ditch it this season.  I mean it appears Alicia has sincerely left Peter and will pick up with Will…blah blah blah.  I watch for Christine Baranski who I think is brilliant.

Well considering the shows that I will probably drop I may have time in my schedule to at least take a peek at one or two others.

13 thoughts on “New TV Season Anxiety”

    1. Oh Linda it can’t have been too interesting because I ended up writing while it was on. I did see the second one where Patrick was out of jail but not working with his team. I wonder if my interest is just gone in TV which would be too bad. I am feeling torn about writing..I have the story but it is just sitting down to devote time to only that. Did you see the premiere show? What was your take on it?

      1. Well, I hoped at the end of last season that he hadn’t killed the real Red John because if they just switched to him helping with other cases without his personal search I wouldn’t like that. So, I liked how they handled that, but I have to say his confession in the last scene sort of disturbed me.

  1. I don’t watch TV much and I’m not committed to any show… I watched CSI for a while but not anymore. I watch some of the Bravo TV shows occasionally but that is about it… 🙂

  2. Thank goodness for DVR. I do look forward to the laughs TV can bring me. I like “Mike and Molly” and “Modern Family” for that.

  3. Our TV is just awful, just constant repeats of really old shows – one last week I realised I had watched when I was in school in 1979!! Its getting to the point that I am seriously thinking of ditching the whole package and relying on downloaded shows from iTunes! I’m not a big fan of detective shows – since I wouldn’t invite murderers into my home I see no reason why they should be invited into my living room to spend a good hour with me! I LOVE Mad Men, I used to work in advertising and even though I was there in the 80s and 90s nothing much had changed lol! I like House, but like all good things it got a bit repetitive when they just milked the same old story week after week. I’m a big fan of cooking and lifestyle shows – watching Luc Nguyen cooking and traveling in Vietnam right now and loving it, and Australian Masterchef is fun. But my favourite, for no good reason I can think of except its just pure entertainment is Ice Road Truckers! They’re in India right now which is a bit like watching Dubai driving with pretty scenery and bad roads!

    1. I have never watched Mad Men but I hear so many people raving about it maybe I will give it a go! I enjoy Bones which I think I forgot to mention but the charm there is that the lead character is Temperance Brennan and she writes a series of novels about Kathy Reichs when in fact Kathy Reichs is the author who wrote the whole Bones series. Although I find I get tired of it and do not watch religiously. Now I have heard of Ice Road Truckers but never saw it …but will give it a go now!

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