Tucking in the Corners of Your Life

Tucking in the Corners of Your Life

 day is done, gone the sun,…oh wait that’s a camp song meandering through my sleepy thoughts as I argue gently with myself  about doing a post on corners.  I have already posted for today but am behind on the dailies and the corner thing is annoying my sandman who is poised to pop a little sand but now must wait because..yes the corners win.

It all started as I drew back the bed covers, a somewhat ridiculously delicious action that signals that day in fact is done and a reward awaits for the toils of the day.  At this point I snuggle in propped by pillows and feeling rather royal to read a few blogs.  This night I paused as an askew corner of the fitted sheet caught my eye.  

Well that won’t do, I tell myself making no move to fix it..at first.

It makes no difference and will not affect your slumbers I tell myself firmly.

But it’s not right, I sigh.

It won’t affect your sleep, I say again with more emphasis.

Aw heck, I give in and tighten the corner.

Now comes the really annoying me thinking that I must check the other corner.

Don’t be ridiculous, the Other corner is fine and you are not obsessive.

Accepting my observation on OCD I then proceed to check and tighten the other corner, which in no way had to be altered.

Throughout this activity and consideration it dawned on me that we really do need to tuck in the corners of our lives.  When something is a little askew that is the time to stop and make an adjustment so we can continue onward and before it becomes a big wrinkle.

Now this could have been more simply said…

A stitch in time saves nine (I know it but never do it as picking up a needle seems outside my skills.  But the idea is there.)

maybe just maybe….day is done..now

18 thoughts on “Tucking in the Corners of Your Life”

  1. Hello OCD-inflicted Sister! My thing is not the bedding itself….I have an OCD thing about the pillows….. I use 5 different pillows…yes 5!…..they HAVE to be in exactly the same position and in the same order before I can sleep. They all have identical pillow cases on them. Only I know which is which…..and trust me…. I KNOW……. Sometimes, when she is mad, I am positive that the wife sneaks around and rearranges my pillows while I am out of the room….. then I spend the whole rest of the night feverishly rearranging pillows until I get everyone back in their proper positions….. is that sick or what? 🙂

  2. Haha ha…this is so funny. You’re right, the little things are important and need to be given attention and tended to. Thank you for the reminder for when I get a bit lazy. Who me? Lazy? Guilty at times.

  3. Well living alone I often have conversations with myself or with Lotte (my Tibetan Spaniel) but I dont become obsessive about sheet corners. Once I am in bed the world can sort out its own problems.:)

  4. Ahhhh, OCD. It keeps us in check doesn’t it? 🙂 I loved your little conversation with yourself, and it made total sense to me.

  5. So true, to be obsessive about sheets…I too love the gadgets that keep the corners in there place. What is it that when I sleep in a bed the corner come untucked?! LOL What do I do in my sleep? Anyhow I sleep on couch for now and now it’s the cushions that are always a problem.

  6. Such a lovely post – you make me smile with your observations. I’m the same about sheet corners and have been know to wake up my dear patient husband so I can put them, yes, all four of them, right!
    But I share your philosophy about dealing with things that are a little askew before they become big wrinkles. So often people leave things hoping they will sort themselves out, but they rarely do. In fact they usually get worse.

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