Do You Ask Why?

Do You Ask Why?

Susan  posted on ‘Why’ today and when I first began reading it my mind was just rousing after a short nap (Yes when G2 has his quiet time so do I, he because of youth, I because of non youth) and at first her wisdom seemed simplistic,  then the magnitude of what she was saying hit.

It was an ‘of course’ eureka kind of moment.  As an adult the initial thought was…the story of my life.  How many times throughout my career and life had I experienced misadventures instead of adventures because I had failed to ask that very question?  I  immediately thought of the countless times a day that sleeping little boy in the next room asks the same question and we all chuckle at the innocence and repetitiveness, perhaps giving a light hearted or limited response never taking it too seriously.

Then I considered G2 who at eight might ask the question but first considers possibilities and puts forth options of either or.  There is such an amazing difference between the minds of eight and three but both are trying to learn, to make sense of their world with that very question.

I conclude that the worst thing we can ever do is to stop asking.  My world has changed physically somewhat but more importantly there now exists an astronomical change in perspective.  If I had read Susan’s post a couple of months ago I doubt it would have had the impact of today for now I see the world around us from a myriad of angles.

I also conclude the worst thing we can ever do is not to seek the answers to the question when we hear it and to help others around us in their quest.

Do you ask why?
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15 thoughts on “Do You Ask Why?”

  1. Why is a good question and why not is a good attitude! tho if a child says why. to me, i ask him to qualify his why. Put that in a sentence zach. Oh.. well why is there no ice cream left? We also need to know what we are why-ing! Then our answers are clear. Because you have eaten todays ice cream all up! Kids continuously question, they love to talk with us.. and this is good. c

  2. My manager at work says that as writers, we must always have a “questioning attitude.” I personally find it just leads to a whole lot more troublesome work for me! 😉 But in terms of life, I think you’re onto something!

  3. I’m fairly certain that – much to my parents heartbreak – the first word I uttered was “WHY” and not Mommy or Daddy. LOL It’s still my question of choice, although I’ve come to realize that certain situations require something different, if you want to get some answers. For example, let’s say something just rotten happens. “WHY ME?” would be a typically first response, but it’s not always going to produce an answer. However, “What now?” always seems to do the trick in those circumstances.

    And I really agree with you – when we stop asking questions, we stop growing. And since we’re dynamic creatures, rather than static, if we’re not growing, we’re doing the opposite.

  4. Thank you for the link to Susan’sblog. definitely worth the visit.

    I loved you post, so thank you for that as well

  5. I agree the most with “the worst thing we can ever do is stop asking”. I think that is one of the worst things….not wanting to know things anymore.

  6. Oh I love this post. I am a very analytic person so I tend to ask: who? What? where? When? Why? all the time. My problem is I get so absorbed into it that I cannot stop. I also am doing this with a How to write your own ebook, and now I feel stuck. Thanks Chris

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