Two Weeks

Two Weeks

What have I done?  

For the life of me it feels like I have climbed mountains, swam oceans, dog sledded to both poles, north and south, discovered new planets, personally, one by one,travelled parallel universes, leaped tall buildings in a single jump, righted wrongs and resettled the earth on it’s axis, when in fact, all I did was move.

To go into microscopic detail would just sound like a major whine and snivel unworthy of acknowledgement.  Most frustrating was my failed determination to document my adventures daily, believing I would ‘catch up tomorrow’, never a good idea.  I knew daily postings were not realistic unless I was prepared to bombard y’all with daily…so exhausteds… but figured I could use that info for future posts.

So since the 23rd….moved to Hamilton, returned to steam clean and visit family/friends for few days, unpack, relaxed, then realized car full of boxes so have not finished completely, went to cottage with G1 & G2 for five exhausting days, got home and returned to Kitchener for family/friends events and back again to prepare for first day of school…which is today.

Good thing my son is scheduled home today because here I sit, Walk-in Clinic prisoner, waiting for medical assistance in dislodging ear wax (cerumen)  believe it or not, which has rendered my right ear mostly deaf.  Don’t even consider asking…there is no way I can turn that into any kind of entertaining tale.  Had I known I would have dressed a little more impressive and put some, or a lot of make up, but that particular supply bucket is at home, as my intention on leaving the house this morning was to take G1 to school.  Period.

Just been shown into doc’s office….maybe just maybe…
Computer not hooked up yet..still using iPad so capability  is limited..but ever optimistic!

23 thoughts on “Two Weeks”

  1. Hard to think back 5 years. That was when I first started blogging and was very disciplined – a post a day. Oh well life moves on and so have we my Canadian sister.
    Good post – thanks for sharing again

  2. That whole thing sounds really exhausting … back and forth between those places! And the cerumen to boot!

    Glad everything is loud and clear now at least 🙂

  3. Well isn’t moving fun! Are you in Ontario – Hamilton, Kitchener.
    Rest now and tell us all about your adventures when you recover. Take care.:)

  4. The dreaded ear wax visit…. Yikes! I have been down that road….. I think I enjoyed dental surgery more….. Hope you are doing well now and can hear normally again… See ya in the mountains of Hamilton in a few weeks! 🙂

  5. Hope you feel better soon… Take the rest and time you need to settle into your new space…
    The blog and details will always be there for later. 🙂
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Eliz. Had to believe that with all my life moves I just sailed along…but this one was…more difficult…not because it was an unwelcome move but think it was an age much better now…thanks so much for your words of encouragement!

  6. Taking one day at a time is always a good idea.Trying not to cram too much into one day is another. Unpacking will get done in time, so sit you down, put up your feet and relax.

    as for the earwax..well that’s another story

  7. Oh Chris I have so missed your delightful posts. Take care of YOU! Things will settle down and you will settle in, all in due course. Hamilton eh? we may be neighbours someday.

  8. Hope you enjoy your new home! Feel better. My son is an ear wax factory. He’s always getting waxy build-up. Believe it or not, the doctor makes me warm olive oil and then pour it in his ear. I guess it loosens things up and allows them to slip out. Who woulda figured?


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