Lower Than a Snake’s Belly on a Hot Rock

Lower Than a Snake’s Belly On a Hot Rock

This is a phrase I started using when I lived in South Texas and have no idea if I coined it myself or picked it up during some southern redneck exchange but I love it; the sound of the words, the feel, the completeness of it and Lord the warmth of it.

See I spit it out one day to express that I was a bit down and as soon as those words were out of my mouth a miracle of sorts occurred.  I laughed and chortles were chortled around me.  Heck I felt better!

With a smile in my heart I examined what it meant – such an odd thing to say I thought- but such a delightful truth.  I mean how low can you go and still feel good and feelin good is what I like.  Why through fear and sadness and joy I allow, no I make myself enjoy the misery or elation to the hilt.  I’m not exactly a drama queen although there are folk who may argue that point.  Hmmm maybe…sometimes but I prefer to think of it as exuberance.

Truth be told it was much more so in my younger years which probably  started, oh let’s see, around birth, having learned very young that I love to make people laugh.  Slip a little comment into a conversation and boom, instant mirth.  Sure makes the moment better.

“How are you?”

“Lower than a snake’s belly on a hot rock.”

I loved it and was just a shade miffed if  in fact I was swell and had to admit it by saying I am well.

Now I love rednecks and all folk of a different bent; unique thinkers, wordsmiths, otherworldly minds, rebels by choice or by genetic misfires who spurt out something different making you stop and realize you just heard something genius muttered.  I figure because they give us a different view, not locked in by anything they are all a breath of fresh air in a world of propriety and staidness.

Young children have a way of doing that.

Funny I love that phrase so much cause I hate slithering retiles.  Cannot even look directly at them, which by the way makes the last Harry Potter film difficult to watch, and is annoying to those around me as with eyes cast down I keep asking, “Is it gone yet?”

But just think about it.  Feeling so low you must stretch out and let the warmth soothe you.  Well out of that can only come renewal.  Embrace the moment that is.  If you must be sad, glad, fearful do it well then let it go.

17 thoughts on “Lower Than a Snake’s Belly on a Hot Rock”

  1. You’re so funny Chris. The things people say are even more amusing when you hear them said outloud at just the right moment. My girlfriend who lives in TN always says, “Dang, Darlin” instead of a swear word and it makes me smile every time.

  2. Chris, where the heck are you? You’ve taken on a whole new persona and I dare say… she is very funny. Not to say you aren’t but… Well, good to read about your chortles and speaking of snakes, I’m yet to see that Harry Potter movie. Will catch it soon. Cheers! 🙂

    1. Hi Eliz – yes there is a bit of change in my writing. When I started about March I was sort of feeling my way around the whole blogging thing And getting more and more comfortable with it. Then I found out about Freshly Pressed and began to focus on what I thought might catch their attention. Even discussed back and forth with Chatter Master what makes it happen but the whole time I kept wondering what my goal in blogging really was. This process took a few weeks an
      d the whole time that little voice kept telling me just to write..be me..Of course then I had to ask myself who me was. THAT took more time. Finally reading brought the answer. Be me. The me who likes to make people laugh..likes to make me laugh. Truth is I realized about the time Susan the Coach commented saying..thanks a bunch I just snorted a mouthful of coffee over a keyboard…at something I wrote I knew…listen to that little nagging critter..write what comes naturally..If all I write reaches an intimate group who enjoy then forget about someone else’s idea of success And recognition. My instinct or voice or guide says if I write true first then the rest will come. Not to tailor my words to a standard set by another who I cannot possibly imitate as they are remarkable talents and have reached a new joy in trusting this inner and once the move is complete next Tuesday plan on giving this gift free rein. It sure takes the struggle out of it! 🙂

      1. I am happy to report I actually have 18 hours to complete hahahaha if you don’t count sleep, eat etc! All is well. Started the day by sleeping in but most is done..now just have a few small things and try to clean up the just nuked look. Wanted to take a minute to answer comments and thank you for reading! Okay am procrastinating..but what a pleasant way to do it!

  3. Is that like maybe “I’m finer than frog hair split four ways”? Our neighbor across the road from us at the farm is full of these. Also from Texas. I have to commit them to memory and write them down when I get home.

  4. I love this and you just proved my point about how I described you in my post the other day! My Father in law, from Tennessee, had an expression I loved “I feel like I’ve been shot at and missed…..shit at and hit!” Oh those southern ways.

    1. Hahaha another good one. I will try. Canadians are first shocked then tickled with these treasures. Although I have an acquaintance and when I said something about “my peeps” she looked a little disapproving I think that a woman of my years would use the vernacular!

  5. When you think about it, it does make a lot of sense.
    To try it out I said it to hubby..his reply..’oh right’
    He thinks that I am bonkers anyway.
    I don’t like snakes but obviously they enjoy putting their slithering bodies on a hot rock.

    Great post …thank you

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