Sunday Morning Epiphany

Sunday Morning Epiphany

I have been thinking about contentment and wondering where the spice of life jumped off my mind rack.

It’s funny that it would be on my mind and that thinking about it would be such a challenge and it is.  The very thought today is niggling and wriggling and just out of grasp of making sense.  And then the clouds of confusion parted as I read my blogs of wisdom and mirth and more wisdom.

BOOM! Right in front of my eyes Susan at writes:
“So often I hear people talking about being content as if that’s a good thing.”

Whaaat?  It may not be a good thing?  In fifteen words she once again rocked my world.  You see at this juncture in my life I thought the goal was contentment.  Immediately I scolded myself for stupidity, for short sightedness, for allowing a fall into the abyss of paths lost.

I know better than that but somehow I lost sight of the fact that contentment like happiness cannot ever be the goal.  It is the product of our work of our actions.  It is a reward.  We must do we must not just be.

Well Susan, that changes everything in my life.  Everything.  So now I am off to do, to achieve, to live, to accomplish.

And may all of you do wonderful things today also!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Epiphany”

  1. What a great perspective, and so right on the money. Being content and happy is okay, but seeing every day as part of a lifelong journey with better things to come….GREAT concept and so true.

  2. Hey Chris, thanks so much for that 🙂
    I think happiness is a by-product of living life to the fullest, being on-purpose and enriching our world. Happiness is like the chocolate on top!

  3. i still remember the first session of my freshman English class. We watched a movie “Content in Webster Groves.” That shook my 18 year old world for years to come…I won’t go into it right now…but suffice it to say, it’s about what you said. Fast forward perhaps about twenty years when our minister pronounced from the pulpit, “Life is not a warm bath.” I guess it’s always about balance and keeping perspective.

  4. Ahhhhh! Chris you make me want to do! Just a little bit more. I think I got Crowing Crone Joss’ reference to “let’s move!” Hahahaha! Good one! 🙂

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