I For An Eye and No Mayo

I For an Eye and no Mayo

It’s 9:56 am and feels way too early which may sound strange since I have been waking at 6ish each morning and dashing off to the track full of vim and vigor, a brain brighter than the newest star or the last burst of a dying one.

Like a newborn babe struggling to get the feel, the flow of life, my days and nights are off.  Night before last my mind would not rest until I blogged so it was post midnight by the time I finished which still would have been okay but in opening the doors to the barn to let a few horses out I accidentally welcomed a fresh herd of ideas that kept me up til early light.  I slept until nine and actually woke refreshed and had a very comfortable feeling day.

Now my expectation was that I would self correct last night and would have had vile, delicious temptation not reared it’s ugly head.

My name is Chris King and I have an addiction.  Reading, reading reading.
I have become strong enough that I can actually put down a good book for bit and have learned that bedtime routine reading should be interesting but not gripping, unless it is something I can complete in a short time.  Short stories work well for this. Currently my pre sleep angel is Stephen Hawking.  Read a bit, snuggle down and dream of space, time, universes and the fact that most of this science is supposition, but oh so intriguing in a Disney Fantasy Land sort of way.

But my daytime fare, Clive Cussler/Justin Scott came to mind briefly as I was about to roll over the ledge of consciousness to restful, restorative slumbers, and I congratulated myself on my strength in resisting an all nighter with ‘The Spy’.

I tell you I felt like a Stepford Wife (the movie version with Nicole Kidman,which I love).  Somewhere in an alternate universe Christopher Walken was throwing a switch triggering my electrical system into action independent of my sanity.  I found myself, entirely against my will I assure you, pulling back from the precipice of comfortable slumber and getting up, walking to another room to get my fix.

Oh and the Title of this?  Well I slept in till 8:30 forgetting I was taking my sister to the Eye Doc so did not get any time for brekkie.  Right next door to the office is a Wendy’s.  Unlike every other fast food who provides breakfast fare, this establishment does not. Oh and they have no mayo for the sandwich…it was still good in a lunchy sort of way.

So here I sit with a spicy chicken burger and coffee while sis gets her eyes checked and really all I want to do is get back to my book.  Maybe for lunch I will have breakfast.

Forecast: Tired today so all systems should self correct tonight due to a 90% chance of exhaustion?

13 thoughts on “I For An Eye and No Mayo”

  1. It’s my story too… but I like the midnight hour… and pay a price when i have to get going to things in the morning… Hope you’ve caught up on your sleeping patterns by now. 🙂

  2. Chris, Hello as you know “I love to read read read, as well.” If I listed what I actually read today you would be so impressed. I slept a little and then woke up to the calling of get out there and blog, comment, and write! My passion, my love. I love how you write! So, when will you think about writing your own books? xox Jackie paulson

    1. I am so excited about the book I am working on and have had to shelve it until after the move….The story is fleshing out in detail so quickly and amazinglyI am in awe of it. Once the move is done will tell you more. My brother came to me with the shell of this incredible man and his journey and blessed me by asking me to write it. It’s begging me to get it down and out there and I want to do it well..and am a little fearful because it deserves the best presentation…it’s scary thrilling and tantalizing for me all at the same time. Your energy and passion make me believe I can do it!

  3. Winter Saturday here in NZ. Have finished reading my blogs. To heck with the housework and shopping. I am settling down with Lotte at the fire with a good book. 🙂

    1. Oh Judith you make me miss winter! A couple more weeks and I will be able to sit by my own fireside but not lit in this heat of summer. The air is changing and I can detect a subtle shift to fall my fav season of all. Keep warm and keep reading!,

  4. No mayo is good for you! I love reading and readers. I say to heck with everything else and read away. Except for spending time with G1 and G2. Oh, and your exercising. Don’t give that up.

    1. Hahaha yes all the things I love…it’s annoying to have to pack but must get it done..moving on the 23rd! Then I can kick back and enjoy more of the Chatter Master. I still have the goal of reading all 600 plus of your posts!

  5. I do that, too, Chris. I’ll go to bed later and later until I finally get up really early a couple of days and get back into sync with the sun, moon and planetary laws! This is one of the joys of no longer having to rush off to work – outside the home.

    I forget…did you say you have read Bill Bryson? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Short_History_of_Nearly_Everything

    I read this after reading a couple of biographies about Hawking and enjoyed the humour!

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