I f You Don’t Post A Day Can You Ever Become A Post A Day Again?

I love the thrill of an empty page and BAM the post!  It’s invigorating, exciting, satisfying, generating, postulating, propagating and just plain fun!  From the moment of first consciousness even before my eyes opened my mind began thinking, considering, creating, building, manufacturing.  I am amazingly creative, genius level I believe, but only before my peepers peep, because once the inevitable happens and I face the day the gossamer veil of genius dissipates faster than a fart in a high wind. (I really tried to think of something more genteel than the expulsion of methane laced gas but alas could not.)

I have two peak creative times in a day.  First thing in the morning, which my muse or musette seems to prefer or post midnight which seems to work equally well for moi.  I prefer the a.m. as my mind is less cluttered, and I prefer doing it in bed with tea and brekkie.  Yes I am creative in bed.  There I have said it.  Make of that what you will.  The morning is also the time that I most enjoy reading your blogs.  In bed before life rears with it’s demanding lists.  My morning joy then gets caught up with true excitement delving into the world on your pages and I am happier than the proverbial pig.

It is exactly as it sounds – nirvana.  Problem is the morning can then extend into early afternoon as I comment, chuckle and commiserate with my fellows.

This glorious routine was interrupted by Organized Self (OS) who mercilessly bombarded me with accusations of the sedimentary persuasion.  So in an effort to attain balance I started hitting the track, no not offline betting, but a walking track my sis and her compadres habituate by 7:30 each and every day.  And there is a certain satisfaction in knocking off a few miles first thing.

But then life intervenes, and once in motion takes over, especially at this time of move preparation which takes place in two weeks.

So I am still reading blogs on the run with almost no time to comment.

I can only hope that by September I can once again join in the challenge as I am going through blogger association withdrawal which my alter ego blog persona believes will be relieved when I get back on track, not the running track but the writing track.

So I may be for the moment less than a one a dayer but will shortly be back to stay.  Cure is anticipated by August 24th!

14 thoughts on “I f You Don’t Post A Day Can You Ever Become A Post A Day Again?”

  1. I wondered what had happened to you… figured a vaca but exercise is better. Moving too? WOW! So many of us lately…
    Keep us posted and now, I’ll add your name to the post on change and such. 🙂

  2. I love the way you have with words, Chris! You draw me to the pages. I am finally feeling more settled in my new apartment and unpacking at a slow pace. No rushing is my motto: A book comes first and foremost. Here is what I have to say: once upon a time, I created a wordpress blog and was drawn to the “post a day” or post a week 2011 Challenge. This challenge started as a challenge but became my love. The love of getting to know other bloggers, but mostly reading, and commenting on other blogs. The challenge is less and less and more of a story that comes to my mind as unfolding thoughts flow onto the pages. You, Chris, remind me of Chris-T yes Christ. So I often ponder what will happen when the challenge is over…by 2012. Oh how I pray for the 2012 to go on. Ah ha! A new idea, something to ponder. As you are a morning spirit I am a PM spirit, we love our animals-who actually are more human than we are at times, lol, and they bring us to the calm state of the book we often want to continue to read. You have been my rock or one of my best inspirations for keeping on in this challenge, with that said, I send love and blessings as our passions run the same lines of life.

    1. Our passions do run the same lines of life and it is wonderful. I am in awe of your dedication and quality to blogging and life and inspired by you every day. The crunch is on for my move which occurs on the 23rd so some action is imperative which takes me away from what I love but boy oh boy I will make up for it!! Thanks for being in my world, it is a much better place with you here!

  3. Who started that Post-One-A-Day concept, anyway?
    As I read your blog, I thought how sweet it would be to see a Gravatar of you sitting up in bed, toast crumbs and all, blogging! 😀

    1. I first saw the one a day on Word Press when I first started and thought it would be fun. I guess WP likes setting up challenges.
      Ah the gravatar…since I write and munch brekkie naked that may not be the best idea..nope definitely not the best!!!!

  4. >>the gossamer veil of genius dissipates faster than a fart in a high wind<<

    Thanks a bunch!! Just snorted my coffee all over my keyboard!! Actually its someone else's keyboard so no worries lol!!!

  5. You have been missed. I thoroughly enjoyed laughing at certain parts of this post! 🙂 Thanks for a good laugh to start my day!

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