Becoming Pure of Heart

Becoming Pure of Heart

The search has been on this last while for information, inspiration to give definition to my existence.  We are all defined in some way by some measure, a definition we create and live with, but my search has not been so much to seek definition as much as refine that definition.  Perhaps redo that definition, and yes I believe it can be done.  However I have discovered it is a little more difficult that initially thought.

It is not that I do not like who I am, I like me very much, but I want to be more, the best that I can be.  Be the best you can be, a phrase we are all familiar with. When I first became comfortable in my own skin a few years ago realizing I like me I thought, mission accomplished!  One never knows how long we get to live in this life especially for those of us in the last third of our life as Shirley McLaine calls this aged, aging period in her book, ‘I’m Over All That.” And the thought occurred that regardless how much time I have on the third planet from the sun I want to make the best of it.

Yes I want to stay funny, silly, curious, compassionate, gentle, charismatic, but I want to be so much more.  It wasn’t enough to determine what changes I wanted to make or add, or at least it didn’t turn out to be that easy, because then followed the grueling work of first assessing where I was in right now.  In painting a picture of how I wanted to see myself I had to face up to some truths that I am much better at ignoring.  Now don’t get me wrong, denial is more than a river in Egypt.  It is a very successful tool in surviving life at times, but can so easily become a habit to slide into like a knife in a sheath, firmly wrapped and held.  Such a comfortable place to be. 

My sister has teased me for years about living in Chrissyville, which is such a lovely optimistic positive place, and we giggle about this wonderful land of joy. Chrissyville needs a do over or at least a more solid base.

I can now see the person I want to be and it is thrilling but UGH it means changing some habits and habits are difficult to change by their very nature.

I am defining this growth as Becoming Pure of Heart which may not be an entirely accurate depiction though it is somewhere to start.

This is not about changing or becoming something ‘other’, it is a journey to ‘better’.  I guess when I retired I thought I was done with growing in a way.  You know, settled, as mature as it gets, and then oops there comes a feeling that we never stop growing, that there is more to do, more to be.

But where do you start?  It seems easy enough to make a list of bad habits to break as a beginning.  Do I tackle the list one by one, which will require some sorely needed patience (another growth factor)?  

To choose not to evolve within the chrysalis we call life is counter productive to the universe as a whole.  Everything evolves one way or another or dies.

What works for you?  All advice or comments are certainly welcome as I have found a wealth of knowledge and wisdom exists in our blogging world.


24 thoughts on “Becoming Pure of Heart”

  1. No wonder you are so popular , this is a great site, why have I not found you before…
    I loved the bit about denial not being just a river in Egypt, that really made me laugh!
    I have enjoyed you so much that I shall subscribe so that I can read some of you everyday, or at least when you post again.
    Is everyone moving? I have so many friends who have either just moved or in the process.
    Thank you again for the fun!
    love Patrecia x

  2. Pure of heart is Chrissyville . There is laughter,times of tears and even children having fights about who gets what toy. Chrissyville is loving , respectful. Every person who is honored to visit are blessed to be there. Thankyou to the maker of Chrissyvile


  3. Even admitting to oneself that change is needed (and is possible) is an enormous step forward. Good for you for admitting and trying, and for reminding us of the need.

  4. One of my mantras is that any given moment we are all and the best we can be, might be better in an hour, might be worse. Right now my back hurts, David is sulking in bed and will probably be asleep when I get there. My back yelled at hiim for becoming Captain and Commander instead of doing for himself. No I yelled and that was the best I could do at that moment. And sometime during the night we will get wrapped up together and I am grateful we have survived our pricks and stabs for all these years.

    So my becoming more involves goals I want to meet before my brain leaks away or I move on to who knows where–to the earth, to join the everlasting stream of love I hope is out there moving all tioward peace, or perhaps as my mother believed to another life. Whatever. My mission is just to keep doing all I can when I can and the best I can and I think that is the right place for me right now.

    Thank you all. Blogging has become my newest taking care of me tool.

  5. Blogging is such a wonderful place to refine that definition. I’m capturing family memories now and when I write the stories, the process of writing takes me to wonderful places. My immediate plan is to compile the family stories and self-publish them into a book to give at Christmas. I’ll be sure to write about that experience. So glad I have met you. I can relate with so much you have said here, and I look forward to reading more.

    1. I too write for my children and grandchildren. The wee ones are 8&3 so it would be nice to have a book ready for them. I wrote a children’s book for my grandson Caleb when he was four Called Caleb’s Adventure with Grandma, but it is the family stories I want him to hear. I too am glad I met you and looking forward to more.

  6. for me, this period of growth, has become a learning to on, the one hand, celebrate who I am, and on the other hand, choose to surrender to the moment, to the place where I am – a place which is not my first choice right now. Being who I am, where I am, has become my daily lesson.
    walk in beauty, dear one.

  7. This is a really lovely post, and I totally get what your saying (as I stand on the precipice of the last 3rd of my life as well!) It’s our Divine Nature to want to grow … to “be more”, I think. As far as changing old habits and all that. What has worked best for me is keeping my focus on doing something positive that will eventually push out the unwanted habit. Take for example years ago when I smoked. Rather than focusing on “quit smoking”, I focused on getting healthier first by walking, then by jogging. Guess what? You can’t jog very well if you can’t breathe! LOL 🙂 The smoking left …pushed out of the way by something I loved.

    Looking forward to reading more about your journey….

  8. Hey Chris- it is the dates in between when we are born and death dates that keep our journey alive. Every day we continue to learn and grow and their is really no advice other than to forge ahead, stay positive and love others. I think you have done that just wonderfully, thanks for being my friend on your journey. xo Jackie

  9. Beautiful Chris! It IS about the journey isn’t it? I mean, if we get “done” or think we have arrived, isn’t the journey over? I am pretty sure from the short time I have “known” you that “Chrissyville” is a damn fine place to be. I admire your courage and wisdom to brave leaving Chrissyville for a different and unknown destination! Safe travels on this great journey! And keep us posted!!!! (pun very much intended!)

  10. Isn’t that the truth…just when we think are close to “arriving”! A really good side of this commitment to growth is that we never have to worry about being bored! Journey well, Chris.

  11. Well you are setting yourself a task – all those questions to ask and where to start. Let me know how you get on and the decisions you make so that I can start on me. Judith:)

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