Not Understanding Quantum Physics or Hawking ‘s A Brief History Time and Loving it!

All things universal, time, beginnings and endings intrigue me.  I have read A Brief History of Time more than once, and will continue to read a few more times as each reading helps me understand a little more.   My interest in Quantum Physics started with references Michael Crichton made to it in his book Timeline.  Which I also read repeatedly as it’s a darn good novel.  But it is publications not related to fiction that catch my interest.  

I also understand that there is lots of updated info since the publications of these books.  My twin city Waterloo has grown to become a world respected centre in Physics and multiple other sciences related to these endeavors and Stephen Hawking sits as a researcher at our Waterloo Perimeter Institute and has since 2008. 

Richard Feynman who apparently understands Quantum Mechanics better than anyone is credited with saying, “Nobody understands Quantum Mechanics.” and that is the one line that made me think, heck if no one including the experts do not understand it then I can be comfortable in searching it out and I don’t have to feel like an idiot because no one understands it!

Somehow this all ties into my thoughts on the universe and our connectivity with It and each other.  Our universal mind.

Could I carry on a conversation with those in the know?  Absolutely not.  Would I like to stand in the presence of these great minds? Absolutely.

If I were many years younger would I move heaven and earth to become one of these great minds? You betcha! (Although I may need a greater mind than that which was bestowed on me.)

I will continue to seek, to learn, to dream though because after all this is the new frontier and I do so love having my brain tickled by the very thought.

10 thoughts on “Not Understanding Quantum Physics or Hawking ‘s A Brief History Time and Loving it!”

  1. I love your confidence. I thrived under my mother’s protective wing. When I came home despondent from a graduate class in Spanish literature feeling I could not engage my professor on any level. My mother wisely said, “Listen to your own voice; goodness girl, that man (my professor) has 40 years on you.” She was so right!
    Another time when visiting my grandmother at MD Anderson cancer hospital again my mother pointed out, “See how much our doctors don’t know.”
    I hear you echo what she so wisely pointed out. Keep reading, re-reading, writing and sharing with us…and again, I look forward to seeing you weigh in on the matter(s).
    You’ve got a lot of good stuff here. Not leaving yet.

  2. I love the way you take hold of something and work with it. Stephen Hawkins has always been one of those people that I should really like to know but of course, I am also aware that I would be absolutely tongue tied if I should ever be introduced to him.
    Yes all things in the known and unknown world are connected and the human race is beginning to (re) recognize this. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  3. I agree that all these things are connected and it excites me to no end. For the first time we are realizing the world as we know it will be changing, what we think is real will change and boy oh boy I sure would like to be there!

  4. This might be a new side of you that I’m seeing. That’s OK. I really like it. I look at this stuff also and wonder about things that are probably way over my head. I can’t help myself…..I want to know things. I found it really cool that you have read “A Brief History of Time” It’s especially funny because you had to read about “Time” two times. Both which were “Brief” examples. Another facet of life that is wonderful and true.

    I think the reason I like(and suspect your same thoughts) reading this stuff is that Science, the metephysical,and the Spiritual are connected. Things don’t really appear to be opposites. Thanks.

    1. I have this idea Eliz that if I could stand there somehow I would soak up some of their insights sort of like a sponge, that by bathing in their brilliance I would become part of that light of knowledge. I think if Stephen Hawkimg and I ever sat down I would be speechless. Hard to believe but yes I would be as bright as a newel post I think! 🙂

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