G1 G2 Lots to Do

It’s a wonderful thing when a three year old finds his voice and language; words, sentences and phrases flow – nonstop; and his brother has reached a level of sophistication where he assists, guides and helps direct the care of the whirling dervish nuclear explosion his sibling has become. Three is an age of pure energy, pure articulation, and pure delight if one has the wherewithal
to withstand all this purity of motion and sound.
G1 who turns eight this weekend plays a mean game of Eye Spy and it was thrilling to find out not all youthful pleasures include iPods, iPads, and Nintendo although they were certainly part if the journey. Eight is also an age of deductive thinking and ability to reason with a healthy dose of imagination, bringing refreshment and delight.
The day started out when I picked the boys up in Hamilton loading the chariot of blue up with bathing suits, water bottles, towels, toys, snacks and sun screen. Once we returned to Kitchener it was off to Victoria Park. Promising to introduce the boys to Queen V and her great iron lion lying at her feet on the marble pedestal we parked and approached. The intent was to share my childhood park with them and to get them used to the idea of Royalty since The Queen of Hamilton will be setting up residence in their city in a few short weeks.
Ducks, fish and Queen were bid adieu and it was off to lunch. Knowing the boys had enjoyed their flight to Disney a few weeks ago I decided a trip to our local Waterloo International Airport for eats at the Runway Cafe was in order. There we could sit at a round table and watch planes through a wall of glass take off, land, get serviced all within a few feet of our table, accompanied by a squadron of model planes hanging from the ceiling.

The excitement was incredible and of equal interest to both ages. The best moment was when a large military supply plane landed dressed in gray steel and promptly declared by G1 as a bomber.
G2 picked at lunch too energized to eat and G2 ate all declaring he was in a growth spurt, then it was off to Grandma’s house for a swim in the pool and after an hour of splashing and jumping then almost as much time in the tub before heading out to show off my garden.
A little lemonade, and a run around the country property and we were off to McDonald’s for dinner and play land.  Children safely home by 7 and grandma in bed by 11 for a sound night’s sleep.  Whew!

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