The Elusive Black Book

The Elusive Black Book

Sometime ago I received a copy of The Elusive Black book from the author S.C. Barrus to read and perhaps do a post of the book.

It was my intention to write a review of the book as a whole but the contents comprise of essays, short stories, blog excerpts, poems, and novel excerpts, and each draws me in.

I will complete the book in it’s entirety and will do a review on the whole, but I must apologize to the author because tonight I read The Hanging Gardens and cannot rest until I post on that story.

A story of timeless love, of devotion.  A site where young boys romance their young ladies weaving a tale of the sculpture who works endlessly on the wall of love.  The tale is not so far off.  A telling of the human heart, of the beauty and dedication we can only dream of and long for.  “….he did not carve he merely swept away the excess and exposed the lovers within the stony surface.”

And as he grew wearier he heard the voice of God whisper, “Build it higher.”

The rhythm of romance flows through the telling of this tale gently caressing and sweeping away our own layers of dust and touching the very soul of our heart leaving us believing in the purity of love eternal, or maybe reminding us that we are indeed capable of such.

Thank you Cody.  It has been a privilege to have experienced The Hanging Gardens.

You will find him at

6 thoughts on “The Elusive Black Book”

  1. Much later I have returned after going to Cody’s site and downloading a copy of the book. Thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait to read more of his work.

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