When is a Strawberry not a Strawberry?

“One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


I have been thinking about Strawberries for a while now.  Our season for this local fruit at its peak is short, generally the last two weeks of June.  The problem is that the only really good strawberry is best when picked fresh and eaten and alas the season has passed.  And I pretty much missed it.

There is purity in its taste that spoils me for secondary products but today at the market I succumbed to the purchase of two-quart baskets.  From California.  I knew better. My aunt has a saying, “Live in hope, die in despair.”


As soon as I got home I cleaned them gazing, anticipating, drooling at the deep delicious red enticing berries.  I entirely forgot about that whole judging a book by its cover thing.  I forgot about every imported berry I had ingested before.


Fruit that has been imported is never as tasty as fresh from the garden.  Usually I will buy frozen because they are given the deep freeze at the peak of freshness where imported means picked before ripeness, shipped and sprayed or dyed for color.

I forgot because it was more pleasant remembering what real ones taste like.  I do that way too often preferring to believe what I want things to be rather than seeing them for what they are. Nuts.

 I started slicing them.  Maybe I should not have done the slicing thing.  Beautiful plump red….with insides that looked like white wood.  Not even a pretense at berry insides.  Just white wood.  So they are now in a bowl in the fridge and I choose to hope that by tomorrow morning they will have by some miracle turned into the real thing.

 Either way I have Devon Cream and tomorrow in my mind it will be the best I have ever eaten!

8 thoughts on “When is a Strawberry not a Strawberry?”

  1. I love strawberries. Where do your imported ones come from? The ones we get here, from parts of the UK are very good – or have been – but I’ve had some truly horrible ones from overseas. As you say – white and woody inside. Usually not a drop of juice or sweetness to be had from them.

  2. I love strawberries and I may be a little biased but Scotland grows the very best! I remember as a child every summer we would go to the local strawberry farm and pick baskets and baskets and eat tons of them while we wee picking, then go home and make jam and ice cream and strawberry everything for days! We even made strawberry wine once which I wasn’t allowed to sample but was apparently very nice – OK I confess, I snuck a slug from the bottle and slept for the rest of the day!! I was eight at the time!
    The commercially grown imported ones are usually horrible but a couple of weeks ago our local supermarket had Scottish strawberries – they cost a fortune but were worth every penny!

  3. Before I forget how to be a kid, I hope to go to Alberta, sit in a patch of wild strawberries, and eat to my heart’s delight. There is no taste like it…

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