Caleb’s Adventure with Grandma Fiction Friday

Caleb woke up early.  When he opened his eyes he could see it was still dark outside his window.  It took a few moments for him to realize why today was special, and then he remembered!  Grandma was coming to visit and she was bringing her pajamas!

It was always fun when Grandma stayed overnight. Mommy had painted the guest bedroom bright yellow and there was a new bed in the room.  Well it was really an old new bed that Mommy had when she was a little girl.

Caleb got out of bed and put his clothes on and went to the kitchen where Mommy and Daddy were making breakfast.

“Is grandma coming soon?” he asked, as he ate his favorite breakfast.

“Yes Caleb,” said Daddy, “She should be here very soon.”

Just then a car pulled up in the driveway and Caleb ran to the door when he heard the sound of her car door closing.

“Grandma, I am glad you are here!” he shouted as he ran to the car.

Grandma scooped Caleb up in her arms and there were lots of hugs, kisses, and giggles.  Caleb helped Grandma carry her bags into the house.

“Will you play dinosaurs with me Grandma?” Grandma always liked to play with Caleb.

“Well Caleb, I thought today we would go on an adventure,” smiled Grandma.

“What kind of adventure?”  He wasn’t too sure what an adventure was but if Grandma liked it he knew he would too.

“I am not sure,” said Grandma, “But I thought we would go to the park and perhaps find an adventure.”

Mommy said, “That sounds like fun and be sure to dress warm and wear your mittens.”

As they walked down the tree lined street they turned right towards the park and saw an old lady standing on the sidewalk crying.

“That’s Mrs. Parsons,” Caleb said.

“I am Caleb’s Grandma.  What has happened to make you cry?”

Mrs. Parsons stopped sobbing long enough to say, “My kitty, Whiskers is missing!  She never goes outside but today when I openend the front door she saw a squirrel and she dashed rightou out the door chasing it.”

“Well, said Grandma, “Caleb and I were looking for and adventure and this will do nicely.  We will help you look for Whiskers.”

Mrs. Parsons gave Grandma and Caleb some of Whisker’s special treats.  If they found him and offered the treats he would come to them.  The three of them set off down the street calling for Whiskers.



As they walked Caleb said, “Whiskers was very bad for running away and making Mrs. Parson cry.”

“Oh no Caleb,” said Grandma, “Whisker’s behavior was bad, but I am sure he is a good cat. Cats are like people sometimes.  We behave badly by doing naughty things but we are still good people.”

When they got to the park they began to walk around the bushes and trees calling for Whiskers.  Grandma thought the squirrel would have run up a tree somewhere.  And cats can climb trees….

Mrs. Parsons walked to one side of the park and Grandma and Caleb went to the other side, each calling out Whisker’s name.  They called and walked for a long time but could not find Whisker’s.

Mrs. Parsons was crying again and Caleb was beginning to get tired.  They knew they would have to go home soon because it was almost lunch time.  Grandma could see Caleb needed to rest so she suggested he sit on the swing while she looked for Whiskers a little bit longer before going home.

Caleb sat on the swing and looked around the park and wondered where Whiskers could be.  Suddenly something fell on the groungd next to him.  Curious, her walked over to see what had fallen.  It was shiny and gold in the shape of a heart.  That is strange he thought, how would this get in a tree?

Then he heard a soft mewing and looking up in the branches he spied something furry.  I bet that is Whiskers, he said to himself. 

“Grandma! Come here!  I found Whiskers!”

Grandma and Mrs. Parsons hurried over and Caleb pointed to the spot where the cat was clinging to a branch.


The Adventure will continue next week. The actual book I did was of course filled with pictures of parks and cars and cats etc at every paragraph as it is a book for a young child (3-4 yrs).  Some sentences have also been changed or deleted from this just for the sake of length.

13 thoughts on “Caleb’s Adventure with Grandma Fiction Friday”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, and it reminded me in my own childhood because I was always so excited when my grandparents would come to visit.

  2. I have to wait until next week to find out what happened to Whiskers????? G1 is ADORABLE. 🙂

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