The Ever Charming Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Ever Charming Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

William and Kate as they are known to most of you have completed a very successful love quest across Canada, finishing in the USA.

Wills and Kiki, as we of the inner circle refer to them, charmed us with their youth, energy and genuineness.  They are the new face of royalty and we like it; polite yet not stuffy.

Unfortunately my social schedule did not allow for me to invite them to my abode.  As The Queen of Hamilton I would most certainly have been willing to coach and mentor them in this venture, but I rather think they did a marvelous job on their own.

They have also softened the face of the monarchy back home breathing life and laughter into a somewhat stodgy institution.

A breath of fresh air.  Something North America needs a good dose of right now.  Surely we have some of our own breathes of fresh air.  It just seems to be buried under rather weighty issues.  How can we find it?

4 thoughts on “The Ever Charming Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”

  1. They probably are kicking their secretaries right now for not including a visit to the Queen of Hamilton on the itinerary. How could they have been that remiss?

  2. I so agree with your thoughts about these two being refreshing! I found myself thinking that they are respectfully updating the royal establishment. Thank goodness!

  3. I am sure they were disappointed at not being able to meet with you. However I believe you are correct, they are very gracious and kind. They totally understand. I am sure they’ll catch up with you on their next visit. 🙂 And a side note? I think Canada has a breath of fresh air via it’s own Queen of Hamilton.

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