Writers Resources Do You Use a Writer Software?


My book/novel is getting cumbersome.

Tracking scenes and characters and locations and dates.  The story is so clear in my head and notes but good grief it is pulling it all together!

Do you use a software program?

If you use a program and are willing to share your favorite software it would help immensely.

Before my poor brain explodes!

7 thoughts on “Writers Resources Do You Use a Writer Software?”

  1. although I don’t use it myself, I think that Live Journal has some good software for this – not free though. As you say, too much of free software is only free if you don’t really want to use it!!
    index cards and a physical story board sounds like a good plan to me. Plus creating it uses more than just one of your senses which, in itself, stirs up your creativity.
    onward and upward!

  2. I came across a software called storyboard which is open source. I can’t recommend it from experience though. Alternatively why don’t you try good old fashion Index cards. I’m in my 20s and I still use them even though I’ve used computers all my life. I still believe that no software developer has come up with a product that can replace the simple old index cards.
    It’s easy to pin them on a soft board to make your own story board, character charts, arranging events chronologically etc.

    1. The cards make the most sense! Thanks! I tried Storyboard which flaunts a free application. After taking the time to input info I wanted to print it or export it and to do that you have to pay. I don’t mind paying but was so annoyed that free was not free I deleted it. I’m thinking cards it is. Thanks for takimg the time to comment!

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