10 Please Come Back TV Shows for Mama Kat

Well that Mama Kat hit it pretty good this week with her list of prompts which includes 10 TV shows you’d like to see back. I figure the list will reflect the age of each blogger and therein lays a lot of the fun!
My Wish List is:
1). Annie Oakley 1954-1957 and starred Gail Davis as a big sister to Tagg her brother who were orphaned and lived in Diablo Arizona with their uncle who was the sheriff. That girl could ride, shoot and each week captured some outlaws all the while wearing exactly the same fringed cowgirl outfit and being adored by the deputy Lofty. She was savvy, smart, and set a pretty good standard for young girls everywhere.
2). Father Knows Best 1954-1960 and starred Robert Young as the all wise Jim Anderson. Jim and his wife Margaret parented Bud, Princess and Kitten. Both parents and children made mistakes and learned from them and each show taught us something about values. It’s funny that I heard criticism in later years that this series created unrealistic expectations for those of us growing up. I guess it was better to have shows like Married ..with Children that taught kids and parents to be rude, crude and mouthy.
3). The Ed Sullivan Show ran for an incredible 23 years from 1948-1971. We watched it every Sunday night. Other than the jugglers and plate spinners it was the best entertainment anywhere. That’s where I first saw Elvis, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones. No chat just pure live performance.


4). I love Lucy in it’s original purest form ran from 1951-1957. What’s not to like…ditzy wife, good looking husband stirred together with the original BFFs Fred and Ethel.


5). Bonanza 1959-1973 starred Lorne Greene as Pa Cartwright with 3 adult sons; Adam, Hoss and Little Joe. Every teenage girl loved Little Joe but I never went for the obvious cute guys. It was Adam, Pernell Roberts dark and brooding in black that rang my chimes and covered my bedroom wall and ceiling.
6). The Andy Griffith Show 1960-1968 was just such a laid back wholesome break with Andy, Opie, Aunt Bee and Barney at the core. Barney as Andy’s deputy could not be trusted with a loaded weapon and was allowed to carry only one bullet – in his pocket.


7). Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In 1968-1973 was the best consistently comedic show of all time and truly was a laugh in. We got to meet Goldie Hawn for the first time and added new phrases to our every day language like, Sock it to me, Verrry interesting and Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls.
8). The Saint, The Avengers, The Man from U.N.C.L.E All classy spy and anti spy adventures! Whatever happened to class and finesse??


9). Hawaii Five O 1968-1980 the original with Steve McGarrett sayingBook em Danno weekly. Nice scenery, nice cops.


10). Ben Casey 1961-1968 with Vince Edwards made hospital whites very very hot as well as a large portion of the female audience.



Thanks Mama Kat what a nice trip down memory lane!

25 thoughts on “10 Please Come Back TV Shows for Mama Kat”

    1. You are right, nostalgia is not visited enough and I am thinking I would like to link it with questions on whether those warm times exist today in some form. I did read a quote the other day that nostalgia is memory without the sharp edges..or something like that…

  1. Andy Griffith, I love Lucy….Awesome! I used to watch Father Knows Best in reruns. Ed Sullivan, I think my dad used to watch that and talked about it some. *sigh* Good TV gone by the way side, so sad.

  2. ALL-RIGHT!!! Finally someone close to my age also chose this prompt!!! So many of the ones I’ve been reading are obviously much….. younger!
    This was my choice at Mama Kat’s today too. Ed Sullivan and Andy Griffith were also on my list. But I went with Dr. Kildare instead of Ben Casey!

  3. I unfortunately missed out on all of these except one: I Love Lucy. That was my sister’s all-time favorite show. She spent countless afternoons watching those reruns in the ’70s. I saw an infomercial where you could buy I Love Lucy episodes on DVD. My kids saw it too and couldn’t believe that TV used to just be in black and white!

  4. I grew up watching I Love Lucy with my mom! She would put it on while she ironed and I would watch it with her. She still watches the same reruns over and over (just doesn’t do much ironing anymore since my dad’s retired).

  5. I personally love the remake of Hawaii 5-0 (yummy abs on the new Steve) but some of those classics would be great. Much better values 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  6. Alot of those were before my time but Ben Casey and Hawaii Five O and Ed Sullivan I sure remember. And Laugh In. Loved all of those. What show was that where Chad Everett was the Hot doc? I can’t remember but I loved it! Stopping by from mama Kat’s.

  7. Great job! I’m still thinking of writing on this one… but will need to think of shows I actually watched for a length of time… 🙂 Oddly, I’m not receiving your posts lately… ;-(

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