We’ll Have No Whining or Sniveling……Ah Really?

We’ll Have No Whining or Sniveling…. Ah Really?

Well perhaps a little as everyone is entitled to a rant now and then.  Why I believe I may even have posted one..or two..no just one …I think.

Assuming whining and sniveling gives us a chance to vent then I can only assume it then leads to a) feeling better b) the opportunity to perhaps diagnose the itch stuck in our craw, if that is where itches of this nature reside and c) do something about it.

As long as the W&S is not of the woe is me sort then it seems to be of a useful purpose or at least a non-malignant one.  I believe that dipping into that pool of negativity too often can poison our creativity.  Or at least mine.

Unless you are Rodney Dangerfield whose tales of woe brought chuckles combined with a few winces it is difficult to achieve satisfactory humor.

Occasionally folks will post a W&S on not getting Freshly Pressed and it is good to get that out of their systems so they can get back to writing their truly enjoyable blogs.

The nice thing about blogging is giving free expression to our thoughts, which come to think about it can be of a W&S nature and still be very entertaining.  Nuts..I just shot down my whole premise.

Well I will just go on reading y’all if you just keep on writing!

14 thoughts on “We’ll Have No Whining or Sniveling……Ah Really?”

  1. W&S is normal human behavior and quite harmless until one chooses to stay there… then it becomes negative.
    If we can be happy for others joyful moment, then others can do same us… at least that is my belief. 🙂

  2. Wonder if my whining and sniveling inspired you. I certainly needed to vent and felt better for having done so. My groaning and moaning, whining and sniveling also got me lots of support among my Facebook friends. The daughter of my best friend from kindergarten, brought me to tears with her response. Maybe I am an Olympic contender if points are scored for the response.you get.

    Not a whine but it is interesting that what does move many responses on places like Facebook is one sort of personal lament or another. They get much more attention than useful infromation and certainly more than political rants which I am likely to do there. Jokes, recipes, and pcitures of beauty do well there also. Just rambling.

  3. I think whining and snivelling should be an olympic sports…. possibly the only olympic sports. And they could compete against each other. 😉
    I love a good whine. But I prefer Whisky.

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