No Idiot Here! Mark is Requesting our Help

Mark from has asked for our help for Minot ND.  Please  read below and if you are willing to contribute or repost that would be great!

The Ride:
Thursday JUNE 30th!

As most of you here in the US know, the city of Minot and much of North Dakota is dealing with massive flooding issues this summer.

The flooding in Minot is the worst in the history of that city.

Thousands of homes have been lost, and about a quarter of the cities population has been evacuated from their homes.

My Mother, A Grandmother, and a Grandfather, were all born in Minot.

I have three wonderful blog friends, Diva, Sparrow, and Brea, that currently live in Minot.

I would like to do something to help out the folks in that area by doing another marathon bike ride on my stationary bike. Most of you are aware that I have been riding the stationary bike since January and have logged over 5,700 miles thus far. My personal record for distance in one day is 160 miles.

I would like to attempt another long ride on Thursday June 30th. I am asking anyone that is able to sponsor me to consider donating 10 cents per mile to the Mid-Dakota chapter of the Red Cross for each mile that I complete on that day.

Here is a link to their website:

Link here

If I make 100 miles on Thursday, your donation would be just $10
150 miles = $15
200 miles = $20

If you would prefer to donate more or less for each mile, that is perfectly fine. Any amount of money for the Red Cross will greatly help them.

I will not be involved in any way with your donations. I will just put this link up and you will be able to go directly to their page to make a donation. It will all be confidential, I will not know who donated, or how much was donated. As always, any charitable contribution is 100% tax deductible for your tax purposes. With the Red Cross, you have the certainty of knowing that your money will be put to good use in helping the people of Minot and North Dakota.


I would have hoped that I would have had a little longer to get into better shape to ride more miles, but they really could as much help as possible right now, so this is why I am doing the ride on such short notice.

I will probably re-post this page a few times this next week for people who might have missed it.

Finally, if any of you could re-post this on your own blogs, it would be greatly appreciated. The more people we can reach in such a short period of time the better. I really appreciate it.

So, it’s pretty straight-forward.

On Thursday, I will get up at the crack of dawn and start pedaling. I’ll take frequent breaks throughout the day and will try to log as many miles as possible before bed. Just have an amount in your mind that you would like to donate for each mile. I will update my blog frequently on Thursday with updates on my mileage progress. Once I quit for the day, I will post the final mileage. You can then go to the Red Cross website on your own time, at your convenience, and make the donation in what ever manner you wish. It will all be confidential and private.

Thanks so much for helping out the great people of Minot and North Dakota, home to three members of my great blog family.

Time to get back on the bike and get in shape!

Thanks much!

Mark G. Pakulak aka “The Idiot”


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