Verbing NON Verbs and other Changes in our New World of Communication.

Verbing NON Verbs and other Changes in our New World of Communication.

Language has become more fun than ever before.  There are still the staid studiers of grammar who get apoplectic at the communication of the world today.

The fact is that the people, mostly young people are redefining grammar in common use.The masses en masse, one might say, are doing the redefinition.
Sure every generation has had it’s own quirky phrases and sayings, but with our technology on twitter, Facebook and blog sites it has changed and unlike previous generations whose daddios, came and went this stuff is sticking and it isn’t going away.  Actually the thumbs twittering are young old and ancient.
the new shorthand is fast becoming THE communication.

It frees us up and I believe if you utilize a word in some other form, such as nouns used as verbs, and the folk understand it, well hey, it provides humor and generally just makes it fun. – yes that is the site dedicated to this goes to great length to explain in proper grammar why login is not a verb.  Well guess what?  A verb is an action word and it is an action I take when I login.  I know they get all caught up in the conjugation of it.  Regardless it works. informs me, and you also if you read it, that the Modern Japanese language does not even use verbs.

Setup is not a word.
There are a whole lot of these at

Who knew?  My point is that language changes and right now that rebellion is in full swing.

Not all verbs are listed below but new language…
2006 copyright version of the best-selling Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® 
Technology and Computers, mouse potato, ringtone,spyware, so many including “supersize” which sounds pretty verby to me.

Planning a staycation this year?
Look it up now in the 2009 update of
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition has this:
Google the search engine is now a verb also.  I google, you google, we google.

OMG, LOL, the Oxford English Dictionary Added New Words! We ‘Heart …
25 Mar 2011 … OMG,” “LOL” and the symbol for “heart” have all been added to the Oxford English Dictionary Online. – Cached

Yup, “Heart” is now a verb.

Looking to use Phrasal Verbs? Here you go.

De-pants and de-board are new verbs. As is Disneyfy and off-shore, and therapize.  All and more found at:–new-words-added-to-dictionary-may-surprise-you

I love verbing non verbs and it shows throughout my blogs. Could I be published on it? Not likely unless it is part of a particular character’s makeup but it is fun.
Do you verb non verbs?  Even in the dark alone just for the sheer pleasure  of it?

12 thoughts on “Verbing NON Verbs and other Changes in our New World of Communication.”

  1. “words are amazing,
    words are amusing,
    sometimes words can be confusing.
    think of all the words that you have heard,
    we can have fun with words”
    That’s the chorus to a song I borrowed from the library years ago when my kids were little. i still sing it around the house once in a while.

    1. It certainly is and the odd time I find myself in conversation with someone who understands true conversation I leave thrilled and amazed and a little sad that it is so rare!

    1. It is hard to keep up and its fun to make new words. I am just reading a history of the world, The Age of Reason Begins and there is a section on how people made their own words and spellings for things. Guess we are making history!

  2. I love to make up words! And use nouns as verbs. And generally mess up grammar (though that was is unintentional I do it ALL the time!) Language is fun. Why should it stop growing? Great blog. Great blogging. You are a Blogstar!

  3. I love new words but I have to admit I’m a bit anal about spelling and I really loathe text talk. If I get an sms from someone using ur, l8r, gr8 etc and they’re over 12 I get very grumpy!

  4. I’m open to the development of new words and verbing as it were… Some get so snarky about it, you wonder if noting else is going on in their world… Enjoy the slang and new lingo… I’m all in; logged, blogged and goggled. 🙂
    I have gifted three Blog Awards to You! Feel free to post them on your blog and share them. (promise you don’t have to do more than enjoy them)
    Have a Happy Summer!

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