Sailing Through Life – Yacht or Dinghy?

Smooth Sailing

Sailing Through Life – Yacht or Dinghy?


There are many ways to sail through life and not all include seas, ports, and ahoy matey or daily portions of rum.  How well we sail is influenced not just by our skills and acumen but also by the forces of nature around us.  Sometimes we find ourselves adrift, afloat and unattached not sure where our port is.  This serves a purpose as it gives us the opportunity to look skyward or inward for direction or to wallow for no reason at all.

 Occasionally we may find ourselves bilged on our anchor so the anchor cable runs under the hull boxing the compass when the winds are constantly shifting and we may be tempted to claim Cape Horn Fever, which is a fake illness malingerers pretend to have.  Any excuse I guess when the storms of life just get to be too much.

 And of course there are the times we experience The Captain’s Daughter, which is a term, used for the cat o’nine tails when we just feel beaten all up by life and wonder if succumbing to Davy Jones’ Locker would be an option.

 The intent of this post initially was to post on my sailing … that is garage saling  experience of yesterday.  Of course I got caught up in the whole Wikipedia Nautical Term Search and got carried away.  Again.  But look how much I have learned!

 Other than life I have no sailing/nautical experience.  Never been on a boat of any size or description so I must apologize to any seamen/sea people out there who I may have offended by my flagrant abuse of terms.

 But it has made me think about this voyage we are all on and to assess just how I am maneuvering those seas.  My boat/ship seems to have sprung a leak but it does this often enough that I am sure I can weather it.

 The Garage Sale/Sail?  Went fine, smooth sailing all the way, and for the life of me I cannot believe the stuff that people will buy.  But my friends did okay and we got through the day without a drop of rain.

 Thank you once again Photobucket and my reliable friend Wikipedia!

7 thoughts on “Sailing Through Life – Yacht or Dinghy?”

  1. Yes, finances dwindling mean moving in November. Many trash treasures to pass on. Plan an on-going Craig’s list garage sail. Am gong to finally sell some of the things I saved hoping my children would want. Alas they do not share my sentimental attachment to some things. Saddest is a cradle that has been in the family for since at least 1890, has been re-finshed probably has no antigue value and I am not sure I can really let it go, just the thought pains. As I write I think I will ask some cousins if they want it enough to pay to have it shipped back East. Sigh, Will have no trouble selling some dishes my mohter-in-law gave me, however, Always disliked them, just not my style. So I do understand how the kids feel. Staying strong.

  2. I love garage sales and the “sales in $$$” that adds up! My sister is hosting one in July or August and I plan to unload my garbage that yes, others love to buy. My sister donated a 32″ TV to us yesterday. Felix and I carried it up three flights of stairs~do you know how heavy they are~ Wow, what an accomplishment. We are so grateful. I am not into TV as much as he is. Our next goal is to move; our apt people did not tell us when the remodeled ones will be ready, yet, ugh the waiting and the boxes piling up makes a messy place, which I so hate. So, packing, moving, garage sale, and finding a job…all in a days work. I guess you could say I am “Sailing through Life.” LOL

  3. get friends together and tell them you need help bailing. Once all the water is removed, let’s plug that leak for you!
    hope that made you smile.

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