A Backwards 5 Minute Friday for Gypsy Mama

5 Minute Friday for The Gypsy Mama

5 Minutes on a sunny day!

Today’s 5 Minute Friday challenge is:


What does ‘Backwards’ bring to your mind?

 This could make for a very uncomfortable five minutes because nothing comes to mind except perhaps moving backwards from my goals, which I consistently do a lot.  I would count my life much more successful if I had always moved forward but then I might not have so many amusing tales to tell.  My life might have been made up of controlled chuckles rather than silly outrageous laughter had I stayed on course.  It is my backwardness that keeps my life interesting.

 Driving backwards comes to mind but I don’t do that well.  I can tell you that from experience with the odd crunch here and there.

 One step forward and two back comes to mind and thank goodness I love to dance because at least then I can make my life’s struggles look like an original dance staggering here and there to my own drummer.

 So now that I think of it…backwards isn’t so bad at all!  There are not enough ‘google maps’ in the world to keep me moving forward!

 Time’s up!



16 thoughts on “A Backwards 5 Minute Friday for Gypsy Mama”

  1. I’m absolutely with you – screw ups make for the best stories and the best laughs! And the best learning too! How boring would life be if we always did things right first time?

  2. It just crossed my mind “take two steps forwards and one step back.” I prefer wonder how many times I have done this. With goals, it’s easy to step back and take a look and make new goals. Driving backwards is not something I do or have done. I don’t think I want to. LOL It’s fun to watch in movies though.

  3. I’m no good at driving backwards, either. I weave all over the road like a drunk when I try. hmmm Come to think of it, my forward-driving isn’t much better these days. haha

    I’m visiting from The Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday. Have a great weekend!

  4. Love your sense of humor. Backwards? Well many things in my life seem to move backwards at a greater rate than forwards. And yes driving backwards..

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