Breaking Fashion Rules for Mama Kat and the Keyword Here is ‘Breaking’

Mama Kat

The prompt I chose for today’s Writer’s Workshop is:

4.) In honor of the “white” after Memorial Day rule, name a fashion rule that you either break or enforce.

 It was surprisingly difficult to find an adequate definition of ‘fashion rules’ and I have never been able to actually pinpoint just who determines fashion.   Google never lets me down, nor does Wikipedia but today the search took a little longer.  Or it would have if I had been in the mood to look.  I can’t say I have ever been ‘out of fashion’ but that is because of friends who are just a little too enthusiastic about fashion rules.  It just isn’t a biggie with me. had some good information.  The question was, ‘What is your number one fashion rule’? 

And the answer was,  ‘Underwear almost always goes on the inside’.  It made sense to me, but then I have seen that particular rule broken more than once.  I guess that is why the word ‘almost’ is there.

 I tried to think of a fashion icon and unfortunately remembered on the news the other day; Lady Gaga was presented with an award for her fashion sense. I swear!

 I went to facebook to look at pics posted by friends to see what they were wearing.  It’s all very casual these days.  I must admit I did not see anyone with underwear on the outside so that is a good thing.

 I used to like the fashions of the sixties.  It was neat, feminine and I happily embraced the rules then and everything matched.

 My sister-in-law keeps up on fashion and frankly I cannot wrap my mind around some of it.  For instance, did you know that your purse should no longer match anything?  And your shoes shouldn’t match anything? In fact the latest thing is that you should wear a neutral color shoe with a black dress?

 White before or after Memorial Day does not matter to me at all.  It depends strictly on the weather.

 There is only one fashion rule I adhere to and that one was made by my niece.

“Never ever dress like an old lady.”  Unfortunately I came across a morning fashion advice show that showed clothing that no one over forty should wear AND there before me on public TV was my entire wardrobe.  It’s a darn good thing I don’t really care!

40 thoughts on “Breaking Fashion Rules for Mama Kat and the Keyword Here is ‘Breaking’”

  1. You brazen woman wearing things they say you’re not supposed to wear!

    I love this post and you are awesome for ignoring all that fashion silliness! 🙂

  2. Does exposing bright blue bra straps from under a white racer-back tank top count as “underwear on the outside?” Seriously, when did bra straps become accessories? I spend all day trying to STOP mine from showing. Dear Lord, now I sound like my mother. *sigh*

    I’m sure you look hot no matter what you wear!

    Visiting you via Mama Kat!

  3. If the rules are constantly changing, shouldn’t we call them Fashion Suggestions?

    I was one of those button down, peter pan collared, shirtwaisted, small printed, A-line skirted, shiny Weejuned girls of the Sixties South. Back then, the high school fashion police used to yank the back of your shirt down to see if you bore the correct label. When I got to college and someone suggested burning bras, I felt like I was burning high school fashion police on the stake. Burn, baby, burn!

    Now, whatever they say the rules are, to judge from the looks of things, the really operative rule is No Rules! While I see lots of regrettable application of the un-rules, I love trying to apply them more liberally as I age. No Q-tips for this gal!

  4. This post had me smiling! I never know what the current fashion is, and I wouldn’t be able to afford to keep up anyway. This summer, I will wear tanktops and shorts. Some of those shorts will be old blue jeans that I cut myself. I like to be comfortable. My purse is a giant black diaper bag. And I don’t care.

  5. I’ve seen those programs about things we should never wear over 40…and my rule is, if I still look good in it, and my husband likes it, I don’t care! 🙂

    1. Good too although once I dressed in these great little shorts and top with 4 inch wedgies..when I met my sister at the restaurant she said…I think that outfit is really pyjamas! 🙂

  6. Loved the heels and the red lipstick – but alas, the years are catching up with me. Now heels (high) very rarely and I do miss the mini skirt.
    One thing I absolutely abhor is the site of women, young or not so young, with tops that show a slice of white belly fat. Ugh.

  7. I never have any idea what is fashionable or not. I usually trust in Old Navy and enjoy non-trendy but seemingly always in fashion clothing from The Loft.

    My one rule: mini-skirts are for those under 35!

  8. I never have any users what is fashionable or not. I usually trust in Old Navy and enjoy non-trendy but seemingly ways in fashion like The Loft.

    My one rule: mini-skirts are for those under 35!

  9. I think you’re supposed to match your purse to your outfit??? I have about 20, but am too lazy to change the contents from one to another…so I’ll go months at a time using the same bag.

  10. ‘Underwear almost always goes on the inside’ and is always worn with mini-skirts that would be my rules. I tried to comment at work , but the comments would not load. I did read more, good stuff on your blog. Thanks for visiting

  11. Remember “blue and green should only be seen in the washing machine”? I say wear what feels comfortable and to hell with rules!

  12. I must say, I try not to dress like an old lady and any time I try to wear “trendy” things I look foolish. So let’s just say I”m dressed today for work, that’s as good as it gets on weekdays. 🙂

  13. I chuckled right along with this! I have no fashion sense what so ever! As long as I am clean and don’t stink I am happy, as are my co workers. 🙂

      1. Hahaha! Ooops, I forgot. 🙂 But, I was not at work when I was that fashionably dressed! 🙂

  14. I think we all break some rule or other while trying to keep up. I love the fashion of the sixties–and fifties and forties. But then I guess I wouldn’t want to wear heels everyday. Or red lipstick.

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