iCloud, Weinergate, Download

I have no idea where this is from..but it appealed

iClouds, Weinergate, Download.
Baffling Bewitching…

Steve Jobs from Apple has said, ” We are going to move the digital hub, the centre of your digital life, into the cloud.”. Apparently it is an iCloud not to be confused I think with a rain cloud, thundercloud or cumulonimbus.  It’s also free so it must in some way resemble nature more than science by nature of it’s very freedom.  All of Apple’s devices can all talk to the cloud and will I think automatically sync without even having to take it out of your pocket.

Now this should be good news for the Weinergate congressman who first claimed pictures of his um thingy happened when his camera went off, in his pocket pants releasing his private file for the world to see.  He finally comes clean and uses the one line, the same disgusting nauseating line every public official  jerk has used to his public.  “I have made terrible mistakes and hurt the peopleI care about the most. “.  Oh and I really like the line, “I was trying to protect my wife..”. They have been married one year and he..the pervert, says they have no intention of splitting even though those pics are out there because he sent them to a few young “women”.  His wife is an aide to Hillary Clinton so she probably will stay with him following the sick example set by her boss.  

I cannot and do not judge anyone for their practices, living in a glass house and all, but at least accept responsibility.  Saying you are sorry doesn’t cut it.  Sure you are sorry.  Sorry you got caught.  You know the death penalty should exist…for liars because ‘Liar Liar your pants are on fire’. just doesn’t seem harsh enough.

Mr. Anthony Weiner, the good news is that with the new iCloud you can take a photo, upload it to the cloud, then down load it to ALL the devices, including, iPad, MAC, Apple TV.

10 thoughts on “iCloud, Weinergate, Download”

  1. “Mistake”?? A mistake is when you absent-mindedly put your keys in the wrong spot and can’t find them later. A mistake is when you dial the wrong number. I hope that someday these creepy public figures might learn to say with conviction “I did a bad thing” instead of the *pusillanimous “I made a mistake”.
    * means gutless, wimpy, weak

  2. When did “sorry” NOT MEAN changing one’s behaviour? Now it seems to mean, “Since you are stupid enough to let me get away with it, I’ll do it differently next time.”

  3. “Stupid” does not cover moves like this. Another word needs created. WHY do these dorks not understand they WILL be exposed. No pun intended. OKAY! BUSTED! Pun intended. I knew I’d get caught. Damn. 🙂

  4. I don’t pay any attention to the news and every time I get a glimpse of what’s been going on, I’m pretty much glad I don’t. However your take on this situation would line right up with mine!

    1. I don’t usually check the news either but it seems once a week I end up in a coffee shop and end up checking the local paper. But all it does is make me want to rant so I stop.

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