Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop Flaws in My Genes?

Mama Kat


Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop Flaws in My Genes?

 Some weeks a prompt is difficult.  This week there is several I could address but the most interesting is:  3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.

 Now I would prefer that all my flaws were gene induced otherwise I would have to recognize and deal with character flaws and that would never do.  Or should I be thinking my genes are not at all flawed that the g pool is perfect and that I in some way screwed them up?  Not a chance.  The nice thing about flawed genetic material is that its not my fault and I just need to work on overcoming, enhancing and perfecting them. After all we are recipients of said material at birth.  Right?

 Now my research shows that genetic disposition is usually related to passing on disease.  There is a strong argument that behavioral traits are in fact as much as or more of a social thing.  The basic assumption being that genetic traits are unchangeable. I believe that my personal study of six decades renders that balderdash.  So lets look at nature vs nurture which could be a whole other discussion but seems to fit here – in my mind at least.

 1)     Loquacious – meaning talkative or verbose in the extreme, can also be translated into verbal diarrhea.  Surely this has to be genetic. I believe, with no scientific proof at all, that my cave dweller ancestors fell into one of the primordial gene pools floating around at that time and absorbed a substantial amount of this material.  Of course they did not know it at the time as there were no words but by george when there were words, that particular line has not shut up since.

2)     The untidy gene – meaning untidy of course. Ah this is a gene I fight daily. As one comedian once said,  ‘My mother said it takes just as long to drop it on the floor as it does to hang it up.’  Scientific studies have shown that no; dropping is much quicker than hanging. (Although I am pretty good now on this one, proving this trait can indeed be changed.)

3)     Self Perception – why I perceive myself as Queen, as special, as a genetic pool worth dipping in…oh…so that is not genetics…uh huh..oh…delusions maybe.  Will think that one out a bit more.

4)     The cooking gene – This one is proff yet again that genetic traits are changeable.  I used to have it when my family was young. I gave fabulous dinners people raved about.  But I lost it.  Perhaps it is a recessive gene that can be recovered. Lets hope.

5)     The, I get lost anywhere gene – No sense of direction in a world where so many others do not?  That is definitely gene related, it just has to be.  In south Texas I never got lost.  Roads are straight there, but put a slight curve in the road and all the GPS units of the world cannot save me.

 You know I could go on forever it seems.  That may be TMI.  Lets just say I will stop there but I now realize as I start to tidy up my environment I should also start on that particular pool and perhaps change the thinking that genetic traits are in fact changeable.


53 thoughts on “Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop Flaws in My Genes?”

  1. LOL-
    I have a gps-never to get lost
    I have the gene to be neat and tidy – when I am not moving
    I have the gene to read and listen- not talk as much.
    I love talkers because my gift is listening.
    But some flaws: If I go to take a sip of “anything” it lands on my shirt!
    If I eat anything It lands on my pants.
    If a bee needs to find something to bit-it’s ME!
    If god created our breathing he created my “bad Breath” LOL
    Loved this post!!! Five stars

  2. I won’t accept you having any flaws in your character. It’s all genetic. The fact that you could even consider that you might have a flaw in your character sounds like a flaw in your character.

  3. I hate typing “hahahahahaha” but I do not know how to adequately type a good laugh and chuckle. I did enjoy this so very much! I wish you HAD gone on! You ARE very special and calling yourself a Queen is royally appropriate. 🙂

  4. Thank goodness you just happened to mention you could go on. When I saw that #5 was the end of your list, I cringed and had to challenge myself to read on! 😀

    Great fun!

  5. I love this! I especially enjoyed the line ” I believe, with no scientific proof at all, that my cave dweller ancestors fell into one of the primordial gene pools floating around at that time and absorbed a substantial amount of this material”. Awesome!

  6. Nice to meet you, again?, I love the way you write, and a very thoughtful post too!

    I can’t seem to think of anything I have that runs in the family, including my diseases. My parents used to say “where does she come from?”

  7. I think you need an entirely different post on how you were able to overcome the un-tidy gene! The more I try to repress it, the more it multiplies.

  8. i got the messy gene big time. yet another thing i can blame my mother for : ) will be interesting to discover if any of the stuff you mention comes out in your grandkids!

  9. Great post. That nature vs nuture thing is so tricky, but it is wonderful when you can blame a flaw on a parent. Mine is the insane need for order. All my Dad’s fault. Same with the tongue that sticks out when I am thinking.

  10. I never had the cooking gene, so kudos for once having it. And, I know you can find it again!

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s site, and I love your header photo!

  11. Are you saying that you cured your untidyiness? I wish I could do this!! Granted I have a small child and a husband, so it’s not just me I’m trying to clean up after right now. Maybe one day my house will be and stay clean! I can look forward to that day!!

  12. Loved Loquacious! I am a talker too! Talks too much was forever on my school report cards. Not sure where in my family it comes from but all 3 of my kids are the very same way.

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