Husky…Best Customer Service!

As you know Customer Service is right up there with fun, family and humor for me.  Sometime ago I posted on what was probably the worst customer service ever in my experience.

Customer Service

Westjet has always been my number one Customer Service standard.  Every word they advertise is absolutely true and you can bet if I had any skills they could use, they would be my employer of choice.  It is true ownership and it shows in the service they deliver.  It is the standard I have come to embrace in Customer Satisfaction.

Today as I was leaving Hamilton to return home after my week as Queen I noticed the volume of gas in the tank was iffy for the hour-long journey.  Now there was one service station between my destination, and me – the dreaded Husky.  The very same station I had posted on some weeks ago as having the worst Customer Service ever.  Sure I could have gone an extra block but if there is one thing I am consistent about in my life it is laziness.  So I gritted my teeth and pulled in.

Imagine my surprise when a man came running, yes running, to my car.  “What can I do for you?  Would you like me to check your oil, or tire pressure, or wash your windows?”  All with a smile and enthusiasm and making me feel like I was his only concern on this sunny day.

I told him I was paying by Visa and should I go inside.  “No Ma’am you stay right there I will look after it for you.”

You have no idea how thrilled I was.  I am always uncomfortable saying anything negative about anyone, exes, bosses, and meanies of any sort.  I have no idea why the change but I do know that at Mohawk and Ottawa in Hamilton Ontario..


And I am glad that I went back!


12 thoughts on “Husky…Best Customer Service!”

  1. I suspect their Reputation 2.0 person found your post and shared it with management… The rest is … blogging history! 🙂

  2. I am glad you posted both stories of your experience as that gas station. It is so nice to know that people or places “can change.” It was as if your gas was “low” for a “reason” and you had No Choice but to stop There. How amazing…and to have a great experience to top it off is so nice to hear. Customer service is lacking big time here in IL. It’s like I am doing them a “favor” to shop or what have you. So, I try to go to places for gas where I am appreciated even if the price is a few cents higher. SO what does that say? Well, when it comes to customer service, we would rather pay more and be treated right ♥ Nice post.

    1. You are right Jackie.. I think there was a reason as I had quite the discussion with that little voice..stop here..nook it’s an awful stop here..and that’s when the gritting of teeth came in as it usually does when I try to fight that always right voice!

  3. how neat that somewhere you had a miserable experience ended up making your day today! life sure is fun! Will you have to pack your crown away for a while now? Hope not.

    1. I hope the crown will stay out as it is a lovely crown. The nice thing is I am my own advisor on when it is appropriate attire and it makes my sisters day as she then calls me her Royal Highn Ass LOL

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