Braveheart, Not the Queen of Hamilton

Braveheart. ..not the Queen of Hamilton

I started out wanting to tell you how it came about that I am now the Queen of Hamilton.  Even though I am a King at least by marriage it just doesn’t feel right to say I am the King of Hamilton – it’s a whole gender thing.  Come to think of it I cannot believe a woman has not yet claimed kingship somewhere but confess I do not feel women should take from men in the quest to be equal and that includes gender specific titles. ( Although Queens of all genders should be treasured).

The point is that while the subject should be about my self imposed royalty it is in fact about Braveheart because that is what I have been watching for the last couple of hours.  Rewatching.  It is one of my fav movies even though Mel Gibson was too old for the role.  He was still an icon at the time, not yet experiencing his downward spiral exiting the royalty of Hollywood.  But it is a good story, a good film.  The actual story and events of the film are somewhat different ..of course.  Has there ever been an actual accurate movie portrayal of history?  Nah.

In the movie version there are all these kilts and fine brogues.  There is passion- love lost, rights fought for, battles, blood, revenge and justice.  There are evil Kings  (Longshanks), misguided future heroes (Robert The Bruce), Hamish who has his own charm, as does the crazy Irishman you can only love.  And an ending to die for – well at least William Wallace died for it.

When I was in Scotland I followed the tale of William Wallace and yes he is a true hero.  In the movie old Mel was a peace seeking man who goes to battle because the evil English overlords killed the woman he loved.  His one true love.  

In fact he was a rebellious teenager who loved fighting and got in trouble for fighting the English who had by the way killed his father as in the movie.  But the sheriff made one mistake that is accurate in the movie, they killed the woman he loved in retribution thinking it would bring him to his knees, when in fact it spawned a rebellion and lit a fire in the hearts of the Scots that remains today.  He freed the Scots.

And yes he was betrayed, captured, tortured, hung and quartered with his remains sent to the farthest corners of the earth.

Years later, the English did conquer and one can assume all live in peace now, however, the Queen Mum ..our present queen’s mom who was Scots, once said to the leader of an English conquered nation, “We Scots understand exactly how you feel”

So to my English, Irish and Welsh friends..Aye we are okay!

16 thoughts on “Braveheart, Not the Queen of Hamilton”

  1. I wish every movie that is “based on a true story” or taken from history came with a follow-up lesson at the end of the film that outlines all the historical inaccuracies that were perpetrated for the sake of advancing the story. So many people (especially in America) get more of their information about history from pop culture than from academic sources these days, and it kills me to know just how uninformed we are letting our society become for the sake of a good tale. Isn’t that why we have fiction?

    1. You are so right about that often we believe something served up is historical rather than fiction. I have a distrust of autobiographies also..their value lies I’m realizing this is just one person’s point of can get confusing!

  2. Loved that movie. Occasionally I am prompted in life to yell “FREEEEEEDOMMMMM!” I want William Wallace to be taken home. I could never, however, watch it again. There are some things that even if creative license was taken you know there is truth to what happened. And it is a difficult thing to forget.

  3. Moan the Scots!!! Would you believe that in my job (call centre) there are some English (and occasionally Welsh, but never Irish…) people who refuse to speak to me, and my colleagues, purely because we are Scottish. One of my work mates was actually told by one woman that she “didn’t speak to foreigners”. So living in peace maybe, but there are a small minority who still seem to harbour a grudge!

    1. I know Kieran..I hesitated to put that sentence in there…actually my Scottish cousins have no interest in the English or the Royals and do not understand anyone who does. too bad you couldn’t have had said something to that wicked woman!

  4. If the Queen Mother was still alive, I bet she’d loan you a crown to wear, Queen of Hamilton, after such a grand post about her beloved Scotland.

  5. Having been married to a Scotsman for 41 years, and having lived in Scotland for 8 of those years, I have a deep empathy for the Scots. Have you read about the clearances and the outcome of those? Greedy mainly English, men who wanted the crofters land for themselves,
    How hard life must have been for those crofters then.

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