My Son My Speech

I am trying so hard not to share every little thing about our own personal Royal Wedding, but here is just one more. I must admit to more sentiment than humor in this one but hope you will give it a look because it is just a tiny look at one man’s life. This is my speech at the Wedding.

My Son
Before R was born we dallied with a number of names looking for just the right moniker. His dad called from the ER one evening to say a little boy had been brought in with red hair and blue eyes and his name was R. Just that easily our baby ..if a boy..had a name.

From birth he brought lightness, joy and an amazing skill with people. Naturally, balanced with that, came stubbornness and tenacity.

R marched to a different drummer with his first steps and to this day he often seems genuinely surprised that the universe actually may have it’s own drummer .

WE, all of us here, have a drummer of some sort to keep our rhythm of life.
R is one of those rare souls that has a whole marching band.

This is the stuff the shakers and the makers of the world are made of. This is the stuff of an incredible man, my son.

So my son, This is you

2 years old….
R don’t run with a stick in your mouth
R don’t run with That stick in your mouth
R get in the car we are going to emerge

3 years old.
Ryan go play Mommy’s doing laundry
“Drink Mommy”
Ryan that is bleach!!
Hello…poison control…this Mrs B
R get in the car we are going to emerge

R it’s okay if you do not eat dinner but you get nothing more til breakfast
“Drink mommy”
Hello poison control..this is Mrs. B. R drank my Lemon Up hair conditioner
R get in the car we are going to emerge

Hello poison control?
Hello Mrs. B what did R take this time.?

His Generous Nature

R was in hospital for a couple of days. Breakfast came the next morning. The little girl in the crib next to him did not get breakfast. R crawled out of crib, into hers and gave her an orange.
A sign of his generosity.
Nurse…”Chris, R gave the little girl next to him an orange..we had to cancel her surgery.”

One snowy Thanksgiving Day R came home for dinner. He was living in Simcoe and was glad for the left overs I sent with him. When I called the next day I asked if he enjoyed the food. He said, “Mom last night I looked outside and saw a homeless man in a doorway so I gave him sandwich and soup,and gave him my blanket. He was asleep so I covered him up put the food beside him.”

People Skills and instilling confidence..
Eunice…you know Chris. I was nervous about letting the boys go canoeing..but R reassured me that he is an expert canoeist.
Me ….Eunice..R has never been in a canoe before

Val…Chris. I don’t let Andrea go out in cars with kids but I always know she is safe with R driving
Me..Val, R does not have a drivers license

R has an amazing group of friends, a band of brothers of substance, talent and great humor. This is one of the rewards that life has brought this man of strong moral fiber.

And then a few years ago came a young woman who first said to me…R makes me laugh!
And over the years I have seen them laugh, work, and struggle and survive and grow.
Last night my son said to me, “Mom I’m sorry it has taken me so many years to marry but I had to wait until she was ready. And if I had to I would have waited forever”

Oh yeah and if I come across my other son’s speech from his wedding I will share it…cross dressing, pyromania all at the age of 2 and a loving heart!

20 thoughts on “My Son My Speech”

  1. Beautiful. My dearest dream is that I will be this justly proud of my daughter (now 4) and that she will be this happy when she’s grown up. She never drank bleach, though, so maybe we are off on the wrong foot.

    1. Hmm I think missing the bleach experience is a good one! I don’t think I was particularly a good parent with rules and stuff but I loved them fiercely and we are good friends!

  2. There were likely not many dry eyes in the room after this. You did a wonderful job of raising him and of praising him.

  3. Hi Chris – I am enthralled. Wonderful site. I think I’ll do a little homesteading for a while. Simcoe – a fellow Canadian?

    What a joy to have memories like those of a son. What a gift. πŸ™‚

  4. Finally found one of your posts on Postaday and what a post. Brought tears to my eyes. They do make us walk around with our heart outside of our bodies, don’ they. Finding the right one makes all the difference in the world and it does sound like he has. Stay strong and keep sharing, you lighten our hearts and bring hope.

    1. Thanks Katherine! I looked for my post on Postaday before and it was on page 6 I think it depends on how many are posting. I am thinking about doing 2 for humor and silliness and one for sentiment. I’d like your opinion on that. I am noticing blogs with the highest readership pretty much stick to one type. Any thoughts?

  5. You are a very good writer. You need to write more. I read your post about dating and was going to reply but got sidetracked by my son(he wanted the computer). This was very good, well thought out with a great message. I’ll keep looking for bridgesburning. Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much..I just wrote a way too lengthy comment on one of your posts but had to really cut myself off on it. :). I love your site amd will be back again!

  6. What a great blog to read on the day I find out I will have my first male descendant! How did you make it through the entire speech? Wonderful job! Did they clink the glasses????

    1. I am so happy about the male descendant, …I love giving speeches so must reply modestly..the bride et al were only window dressing to me..the real star..and if some day you get a chance to meet will forget I ever said that LOLOL
      Talk to you soon BBB!

      1. Chris I just had to but in here. At my son’s wedding the bride was radiant, the one bridesmaid was beautiful and the guests all looked fantastic. But the star of the show? My son. And to prove it the video (which the dean decided had to stay put) focused on my son all through the ceremony. Comments were made along the lines of ‘we know who paid for the video’.

    1. Two great sons actually and yes they are. I love your site and will be back though had a glitch..while doing comment for one post all went wonky on my iPad so the comment may have ended up under a different post!

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