Ten Fav Things For Mama Kat

The Wedding
My Current 10 Favs Include more than one person.
1) I love Kilts and Best Brothers – and yes the kilt was worn au naturel as demanded by tradition.
Groom Kilt Brother in Tux
2) I love the women who make my sons happy!  Heidi who has been married to
Tom for 9 years and says she could not have had a more perfect husband, and
Mary Beth or MB who has just married my son in the Kilt.
3) I love that both men are good men, well regarded, who love laughter and
general silliness and are devoted to their wives.
4) I loved this wedding that was so laid back that when the minister asked what
symbols they brought to signify their love, the bride answered our rings..but
they are in the other room.  Yes everyone chuckled and waited while the maid
of honor set off to retrieve them.
5)  I love my exhusband who gave a wonderful speech about his son and even
the exe’s wife who to my knowledge had no disparaging remarks to make about
me…at least that I heard.
6) I love my son, the groom, Ryan, who believes in his roots and family and
who wore a kilt to honor my mothers family the Jenkins.
7)  I love my son Thomas for his devotion to his family, his crazy humor, and
his wild appreciation of life.
8)  I love MB’s family who have taken Ryan as one of their own.
9)  I love my sister Jane who provides more support than she can ever know.
And yes the bra..when she saw my perfect dress she said a strapless bra would
be perfect.  I do not have one I said.  Yes! you do she said as she whipped
her dress off and promptly gave me hers.  Right there.  Right then!
10)  I love my grandsons..Tom and Heidi’s sons who think I am the coolest
grandma in the world..because I tell them so
And really there has to be one more..sorry Mama Kat I know I am breaking the rules. 
11) I love every reader, every one of you who comments on my blog.  You are the best!

35 thoughts on “Ten Fav Things For Mama Kat”

  1. Thanks Chris. I love No 10. Mine are now too old to believe all that I tell them. In fact, James 16, said the other day ‘Granma you couldn’t function without me” this when we were in the supermarket.

  2. Wonderful wedding! Love the kilts. Grant clan here. Had a bagpiper lead me to my groom almost 13 years ago. You have a wonderful family and I love that you love your daughter-in-laws. My son is 11 and I’m already worried about the girl he’ll marry someday!

    1. Hi Anne..having looked at your site and attitude I can already see he is going to ne fine when it comes to picking out a partner. Now tell me..how the heck do you hike the Grand Canyon with kids?
      Chris or did I read that right?

    1. I know..they are still at the gullible age ..7 & 2..pretty soon they will be catching on though! I like the list you did on OL Pappi…very very nicely done!

    1. Youngish you had one…? sister or a bra..just kidding..and I see you have gone from dying by rhino to zombie apocalypse..I swear I am going to have to read you everyday just to see what you are up to!

  3. It’s always good to go above and beyond. Thanks for the pictures! I can’t pull the pictures up very big but you all look STUNNING!

    1. Thanks Colleen..I am hoping to have some time to spend on our plotting to you know what hehehe..we are so going to have fun. Better pics coming..I especially want to see one of me…that’s really good to show you..LOL

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