Choo Choo on VIA a Wedding we go

Choo Choo on VIA Train To a Wedding We Go

The hot hot Chef, kilts, lost rings and a borrowed bra must wait, for this tale can only begin at the beginning.  A tale that finds us on an early and mysteriously sunny  Friday morning – mysterious I say – because the next three days promised rain and lots of it.  Was this a promise of better weather to come?  Had Dave MacDonald our local weather man just been in a teasing mood and suddenly decided to play with our minds?  Would the Stanley Cup ever come back to Canada?  No immediate answers, just early morning pondering.

Our traveling party was made up of three ladies; the MOG, c’est moi, the MOGs sis, and the MOGs great aunt.  I had given each of them instructions on how big a suitcase each could carry, not bossy style, let’s just call it firm leadership.  Neither were rail way travelers but I am and enjoy transportation done by anyone but me, be it planes, trains or automobiles. It smacks a bit of luxury.  When I drive in Toronto I seem to generate some horn honking, and it is not Canadian Geese.  I just cannot wind in and out at break neck speed, neither am I able to move the vehicle forward into a group of humanity and know they will move to safety.  Now keep in mind my aunt, first believing she must get herself there actually bought a GPS.  Good grief and God Bless her!

My great aunt F has some infirmities so I knew there would be challenges, not the least of which is, her health and various medications, a  wheeled walker from hell that I am now expert in folding up for trunk packing, and the fact she will not wear two rather expensive hearing aids.  Oh …oh I almost forgot a touch of endearing senility. (You know if she ever thinks to click on my blog link I installed on her computer screen I may have to do some mighty fast talking.)

My nephew drove us to the station and the conversation went like this:
Me:  did everyone pack their wedding clothes?
Sis: I’m all ready
Auntie: I did, but are you SURE there will be an iron in the room?  I must iron my dress.
Me: Yes F there are irons.
Auntie: WHAT did you say?
Auntie: Well if you are sure. I have a small travel iron I could have packed.
Sis: It’s okay there are irons in the room.
Auntie: I hope I packed my insulin else I will be in trouble.
Auntie:  Well I think so…I must have..I used it this morning.And I am planning on eating every sweet thing there is.
Me: Auntie I want you to be prepared, once we are seated they will put your walker some place safe.
Auntie:  MY WALKER? I need it at all times.
Me: You will be seated, they will bring it out when you need it.
Auntie:  But it’s my walker, it must be always at my side.
Sis: It’s okay you won’t need it.

The train arrives and the staff have made provisions to assist Auntie out of a door close to her.  My sis will assist and it is my job, being the leader and all to proceed to the other end to collect our luggage. Sis often refers to herself as my Sherpa, but this time I will shoulder this responsibility.  What a brave little bunny I am.

Auntie is pretty sporting as we make our way to Front street.  Cabbies await. Ah more service.  But he throws the bags in the trunk, when I say, we must make room for the walker.  So I assist..which is what I do.  God bless me! Then he must clear his front seat to make room for me.

On arriving at the King Edward Hotel – the King Eddy – we disembark. To be found with steps.  Not a lot mind you, and the gents at the front are very accommodating.

If getting you this far has been a challenge..guess what? There is more..and I am SO ready to tell you.  The lunch..then rehearsal party…the bride, the groom, the minister, the Aunt of course, and my sister oh and the ex-husband, his charming…oh my…

12 thoughts on “Choo Choo on VIA a Wedding we go”

  1. I have a friend like you Susan, we call her the ‘cub mistress’. She’s great at organizing us all.
    But I can’t wait for the forthcoming blogs – lost rings, borrowed bra, ex husband et al.

  2. Hi Bridges –

    LOL I really enjoy your post. I love this sequence: “When I drive in Toronto I seem to generate some horn honking, and it is not Canadian Geese. I just cannot wind in and out at break neck speed, neither am I able to move the vehicle forward into a group of humanity and know they will move to safety.”

    You gave me a funny visual that I can totally relate too. Although I don’t get the horn honking much around Chicago-land, I do get the people who think they can move me faster by speeding up close to my rear fender. I do the opposite. I slow down, smile, and slow more until they understand that their attempt failed. Frustrated more, is when I’m able to box them in behind me when they change lanes and I wedge them in by the truck in front, not allowing them to pass me because I sped up and closed off the opening distance in front of me and them. LOL. Hope you had a good time at the wedding. 🙂

    1. See you are so brave slowing down! I picture myself shutting off the car, slowly walking back and asking ‘can I help you? The wedding was great..some posts coming up on it!

  3. Weddings are exciting events, why do people cry at weddings? Maybe its because they see the pain that can arise or maybe its the glow of the moment. Beautifully written.

  4. I am eager to hear of all things wedding. Again I am reading about kilts and yet I am not getting the story! You tease! 🙂

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