Not Just Any Idiot..But THE Idiot is coming to Canada

One of the blogs I follow religiously daily is by a self proclaimed Idiot. And he is coming to Canada where all our Canuck Idiots will immediately be put to shame, hang their heads and genuflect before his greatness. I figure most of you already read him, but just in case I have gotten his permission to introduce him. What I really wanted to do was reblog him ‘via’ but for the life of me cannot remember how so have to resort to copying his link below. And I don’t know how to do those classy little links where one word leads to his site, so bear with me. I can only hold so much techie stuff in my brain at one time. Well I can only hold ONE techie thing in my brain at one time.

So what does a successful idiot look like?

First he is Texas my fav state
He has over 1 million hits on his site…hard to believe there are a million of us with such good taste.
I have copied a little of his About here, and his link. If you read only one thing today..except me of course..I recommend this!
I am a 40-Something Father of three, married to my lovely wife for nearly 20 years. Two of the 3 kids are grown and have left the nest, so it is now just myself, the wife, the youngest kid, and two obese cats left in the house. We live in a tiny lakeside town in North Texas. I have been disabled since 1999. I used to be tall, skinny, and have a glorious mop of red hair atop my head. Now, I am the spitting image of Santa Claus. I ran three marathons when I was in High School. Now, I get tired walking between the fridge and the couch. I am probably the only guy on the planet that has enjoyed careers as a Military Intelligence Analyst, a Nurse, and a Cave Guide, all before I turned 33 yrs old. I love anything and everything to do with the 1970′s and 1980′s and try to resist much of the new technology that controls our lives. I have never sent a text message and have never tweeted, been tweeted, or attempted to tweet anyone. I have cheapest bare-bones cell phone left on the planet. My ring-tone is “Funkytown”. I have a 8′ high bookcase full of TV Show DVD’s and all of them are shows from the 70′s and 80′s, with the complete series of Seinfeld thrown in for good measure. I idolize George Costanza. I have a short attention span and am easily distr…ooh look..a kitty… distracted. I now enjoy life as best I can as a stay-at-home Dad and Househusband. I have always had a very warped and disturbing sense of humor. Even with the stresses involved with being disabled, I best deal with life through humor. I have always loved to write, though if you read through enough of my posts, it will be painfully obvious I have had no formal instruction in the medium. I love Dave Barry. Actually, I should rephrase that, I love the man’s writings and humor, and swear I do not have any physical attraction to the man himself. (Getting real awkward already…) Like Dave Barry, I tend to take little nuggets of reality that happen to me or my family, and then I take the premise and warp it into the greatly fictionalized mess of malarkey that you will find on these pages. Most of what I write about has some tiny little sliver of truth in reality, the rest is pure rubbish. As to what it is real and what is not, I will leave that to your imagination.

His link is:

8 thoughts on “Not Just Any Idiot..But THE Idiot is coming to Canada”

  1. I started to read, now I have to go back and read more about this bike trip!!! He got me on that!

    1. He is an interesting chap Judith. Not doing too bad with getting ready for the wedding but will do a final check tomorrow. On another note I find it amazing when you were talking about winter coming. Guess we are almost Polar opposites. Actually wearing sum wrist clothes here today. The weekend is calling for rain though!

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