One Third – 33 1/3% Not quite half full or half empty…

One Third -331/3% – Not quite a half full or half empty glass..

Full? Empty? Half? Third?


Jackie from Twist365… pointed out in her blog today, that we postadayers are now one third along in our quest. What quest is that you ask, conveniently?
Why …THE QUEST! – our sacred mission, to bring to your eyes, minds and hearts and possibly nightmares, unsolicited declarations of our wit, our intelligence, our hopes, our fears, our skeletons, our not so hidden sins, our crimes against humanity, our Joan of Arc martyrdom of it all, our heroism, our cowardice, our illusions, our delusions. Our SELVES!
Yes and you get it everyday, without fail. For we are
THE POSTADAY2011 Squadron! You lucky lucky lucky readers,
Inner Voice: Get of the soapbox Chris…calm yourself…take a deep breath..and get it done!
K, so the idea is to post your own three favorites of the first third. This is really tough for me as I crack myself up regularly, rolling on the floor at my own genius. Or I do a sentimental piece that mercilessly decimates the gate keepers of my tear ducts and opens the dam for a satisfying, cleansing, good for the complexion, old fashioned cry.
Nuff to list three and only three…nuts.
Humor on Dating….not always funny but thought it is almost always funny.
Childhood Memories and Lessons
Humor on Sizing Matters Up
You can figure out my dilemma can’t you? Now I have written these down, they are no longer my favorites. But if I picked something else, these would again turn into favs because I did not choose them.

17 thoughts on “One Third – 33 1/3% Not quite half full or half empty…”

  1. Let me get this straight… you are less than two weeks away from walking down the aisle as a MOG and you’re posting every day?


    That solves the problem of a dress though. Get a blue cape.

  2. It’s hard to pick favorites. Sometimes the posts that get the most attention weren’t necessarily my favorites, and often I’m biased in choosing my favorites for some sentimental reason that the viewer doesn’t understand.

    1. I know what you mean ..I think it would be better to choose someone else’s best three. It’s a thrill when my hits are soaring, then when I get a day or two of low hits I have to remember who or what I am writing for, which of course started out being me.
      I am in awe of you and how you post such quality every day. I can hardly wait to read you. My stats increased by a thousand each month and then I found myself writing …what would increase that instead of what do I need to say?
      You set a great I aspire to..not for the stats but for the betterment of me and my craft!

  3. As I only started on March 1 I am not at the One Third – 33 1/3% Not quite half full or half empty…
    Loved your three best and how awful for Eyeore. You were certainly right in not communicating any more with him.
    I love your humor and the way you write Chris, and look forward to reading your posts each day.

    1. Thanks is fun. I missed yesterday as I worked in out national election..fifteen long hours! Think I will try to do posts ahead so I will have something to post if that ever happens again. Do you keep posts ready that you can use?

    1. Thanks Sana. I’m thinking it would be easier to pick a fav of someone elses. I think you have pointed that out in the past that it is easier to judge others more easily than ourselves..even in writing!

  4. I loved them all. But the one about dating made me sad, and frustrated, and made me laugh. How sad that he lived for 21 years with such heaviness in his heart. How frustrating that he could not pick himself up and lift his face up from the gloom he was looking at all these years. Though, he was trying. And it made me laugh because I love your style. You did speak honestly with him. And I think you are wonderful for doing so.

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