Versatile Blogger Award..Thanks Kieran!

The Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks to Kieran!
The VBA is an opportunity to recognize fellow bloggers who we admire and enjoy.

Kieran Hamilton has included me on his list of fifteen to pass it on. Kieran is a very talented photographer in Edinburgh Scotland, my fav city in the world.
If I had to choose one blog of his to recommend it would be:!/entry/607

Now the idea in spreading the good word to others is:
Link back to the blogger that gave me the award (check!).
Tell you 7 things about myself.
Choose 15 other blogs to pass the award to.
Inform the other bloggers that I’m passing the award to them.

7 Things about me:
1) I started blogging to find my voice. What I found instead is a wealth of talent, humor and education which has created a tremendous hunger within me to learn more.
2) Since joining postaday2011 I cannot sleep until I post.
3) I am still trying to figure out how to use all of WordPress doojibbies to make my site more It comes under techie stuff, one of my many Achilles Heels.
4) I am the world’s coolest Grandma and my two wee boys are still young enough to buy that when I tell them.
5) I have two budgies I rescued from an evil she is okay, but she was sending them to certain death. Dead Birds Walking. Max and Ruby.
6) I have good friends who are family, and family who are good friends and it never ceases to amaze me that they love me in-spite of it all.
7) I love my iPad even though it is the antiquated version of the one just released.

And the Award goes to: *Note to recipients: I hope you continue to participate, but if you are unable to for any reason please send me funds in the six digit range and remember you are still special. I have tried to list a fav blog but it is difficult!

1. The Good Greatsby. He’s is so addictive you may need an intervention.

2. Colleen’s Chatter Blog I can’t get through my day without a dose of her any more than she can without coffee.

3. Merrilymarylee who takes me back to my roots in the south..well if I had any she would take me back there.

4. Mature Landscaping is a newer subscribed site and I am just getting to know her and her site but am loving it.

5. Officeoddities is also a newer site for me and I am learning she has weird friends and TMI on shoe size.

6. Ihaveabackbone is cool and funny and forgetful..or so she says.!/entry/3251

7. Bended Spoon who has won this before I think but is too good to pass up.

8. Jackie Paulson with facts and wisdom.

9. Accidentalstepmom whose crew entertain me as much as they do her.!/entry/1140

10. Joss Crowingcrone who is humor, poetry and photography and priceless.

11. Penny at LifesaBeachjournal is another new find I am enjoying.

12). Val at Absurd Old Bird whose talents I am still discovering.

13) Judith at growingyoungereachday who shares her life experiences with us..and an interesting life it is.

14). Elizabeth who truly is Mirth and Motivation.

15). Fribnitsworld who challenges my beliefs and may inspire you to argument but I cannot miss a post.

I can’t believe I have run out of numbers. My fifteen minutes is up. Nuts. So many more are worthy. Nuts.

34 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award..Thanks Kieran!”

  1. Coo – both you and Judith have given me this award. Thank you. Erm… I might have to pay you (but shouldn’t that be the other way around, hmmm??)

    1. No dear Val Erde..see I read your post and know how both names used just tickles you silly! back to…No Val Erde you must send me loads of money and be willing to transplant half your brain to mine. I only want the funny half though!

  2. Congratulations Chris, you deserve this award. I love reading your posts and I really enjoy getting to know you. Thanks for including me ! your the greatest ! I’m sure your family and friends are gifted to have you as their friend.

  3. You deserve the recognition! Thanks so much for passing it along—awee shucks!

    Why I like YOU: First, because of your #1 “I started blogging to find my voice…” and in so doing found so much more. i think that’s just fabulous!!!! Second, because of your #7, calling your iPad an “antiquated version.” I don’t even own an iPad and I call myself cool. Pathetic. You’re the one who’s hip!

    1. They are good blogs but I wanted you on the list. The only way I could do it was go back to the last fifteen who commented. At first I thought there were not enough..but oh no! ran out of numbers!

  4. This is a fascinating assortment of blogs. I wasn’t familiar with most of them and now you’ve shot an hour or so of my daily routine because I’ll be checking them often.

    Thanks for including me.

    We’ll work on your southernhoodness. Just remember… y’all is always plural. Two or more yous is a y’all.

    Next, grits…!

  5. Congratulations from me too Chris. And for including me!! As you know I am a very new blogger and really am honored to be included.
    Oh and about the doojibbies – now I know why I have been having problems – I thought they were called thingamijigs. So now I’ll be able to figure them out too.
    Bedtime for me – see you in the blog-o-sphere tomorrow. Hugs and thanks again πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations Chris! And thank YOU for including me!!! And, super thanks for including so many blogs for me to check out. Now that I know that the technical things on here are called “doojibbies” I can finally start looking for doojibbies and figure them out as well. Because I am doojibbie dysfunctional myself! Happy Thursday!!!! You started my day out great!!! πŸ™‚ colleen

  7. Congratulations and thanks for including me on your list… I had a go at this last month and will opt to send you the buckaroos… Slight problem: You forgot to give us your details… You know, bank account numbers, pins, passwords, savings box numbers, and the important matter of a small $5000 check from you to cover my impending humongous check to you… LOL!!!! πŸ™‚
    Thank you,

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