When the party is over
Dishes piled high
Left overs scattered
I am alone.

When  kisses, hugs,goodbyes
Are memory
I feel most alone
I am alone.

I think I miss you most
When the quiet hits
It’s reality
I am alone.

When all is said and done
For all I know
I just don’t know
Who you might be.

A strange thought to be sure
I think you’re there
I just don’t know where!
Geez too deep for me!

10 thoughts on “When”

  1. Hi Chris…on the one hand “When” seems kind of sad. But I guess I read something else there, and it made me smile.

    “I just don’t know
    Who you might be.”

    That statement is so full of promise and potential. And excitement.

    1. Hi Colleen…it was a little sad when everyone left but I too smiled at that. Of course I probably should be looking but I guess the Good Lord is going to have to drop whoever he is in my lap LOL

  2. Beautiful poem… I really got the emotion and sadness behind it… we are all alone at some point in our lives. 🙂
    Finally catching up on comments after my busy time with my college bound kids.

  3. Geeze! too deep for my mind too !!

    I know when I’m feeling alone-I find that concentrating on these thoughts “can at times be so overwhelming” but I have learned-“the hard way”-the best to get past this is to get busy !! and I mean get busy ! go for a stroll, anything to get my mind on other thoughts-and before I know it-my mind is back on tract with creativity and a desire to move on. 🙂

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