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Yesterday I posted on a couple traveling and working in Africa. Suzanne Stevens and her husband Michael Gingerich. Mike is my nephew.

. PLease note the correction to the foundation addy!

Their project is Wisdom Exchange TV and they are looking for subscribers to the site which is free.

I am posting their letter in it’s entirety below. Please enjoy, subscribe, and pass on!

Jumbo Chris

As you know my husband, Mike Gingerich, and I are travelling through Africa for the next year interviewing women leaders for Wisdom Exchange TV, amongst other philanthropic initiatives.

This is a pioneering initiative that not only are we excited about, but we believe will provide some fundamental leadership lessons for inspiring and already achieved women leaders.

Women are the change agents of Africa, and with higher education they can change many of the injustices that are done to women in the developing world.

We are asking you to subscribe to Wisdom Exchange TV and share the site with your friends. The subscription is FREE, and we will just inform you when a new episode is upload (by the way, this is quite the process in Kenya due to limited bandwidth).

The reason we are asking,

1. You will gain insight and perspective into Women from a huge continent.

2. You will also be assisting in helping us create awareness of the site, which will assist in gaining sponsorship for Africa Business Women Connected Summit taking place in Ethiopia in 2013 – promoting international trade.

The more people who subscribe, the more compelling to sponsors, the bigger impact we can make on women in Africa.

3. You will also help create awareness for the Ignite Excellence Foundation (, where Mike and I are presently handing out three scholarships for under-graduates and post-graduates to invest in women leadership.

The belief is, the more women in leadership the more women will own land, be able to get passports, and will not be violated.

Please go to and subscribe.

We appreciate your support and we look forward to hearing your updates on facebook, linked-in and via email.


Suzanne F Stevens

Chief Edge Optimizer

Ignite Excellence Group of Initiatives

If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:


Ignite Excellence Inc. 33 Bloor St. E. Suite 900 Toronto, Ontario M4W 3H1 Canada +1 (519) 488-7141

10 thoughts on “AFRICA CLICKS Wisdom Exchange TV”

  1. Hi BB,
    I found this comment, thought i would reply. After visiting 12 countries in Africa I would disagree. Everyone, i mean everyone in every country needs insight into HOW TO. It has been amazing the women that i am interviewing that like the fact that we are not ‘profiling them’ but talking about leadership lessons. The people who have subscribed tell me what they are learning. Don’t misunderstand, there are several accomplished women in Africa, that is why i am here. But everyone can learn from them, so we are sharing. Interestingly enough, there are many things that I train for a living that women here (in the countries i visited) need and have asked for. So although we are protective of your continent, you can rest assured Wisdom Exchange TV, is very well received – and a pioneering initiative that the women are embracing.
    As you may know, there is a huge gap in technology that the leaders i am interview need help with i.e. social media also in my area of sales. The good news, is through my interviews, we are introducing African women to African women who can provide those solution. check out the, and hopeful you find it as refreshing as the women I am interviewing do, and the women who are watching it.

    Thanks Aunt Chris… just a quick typo on my part – Jambo not Jumbo (that wasn’t an attack on you)

  2. Hi BB,
    Thanks for sharing this… I checked out the site and wish Suzanne and Mike the best on their venture. However, as an African woman who knows my continent quite well and has traveled plenty, my main suggestion to Suzanne is that the language of Wisdom Exchange should be about bringing women together, across socio-economic levels, to share knowledge with each other.
    Honestly, African women do not need to learn how to___, they are doing it in droves and goggling ‘African women leaders’ or visiting will confirm that. Historically, women on the continent have engaged in all types of business and been community leaders and decision makers in their homes.
    There are many female leaders on the continent, you just don’t hear much about them in the western press… What all of us need around the world, on every continent, is the respectful exchange of our collective wisdom; I believe everyone has something to share.
    I’ll be happy to chat with Suzanne further via email. 🙂

    1. Thanks Eliz! I forwarded your message directly to Suzanne! You are so write about the western press and I am glad Suzanne is working to bring all this to the fore. And you are so right about every continent!

    1. Thanks so much Susan! I forwarded your information to Suzanne. It’s great that we have the technology to get info out there but it takes people like you to make it happen.

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