What I Lack….

What I Lack

This was the only choice for me in this challenge.  Mostly because what I lack is so overwhelming.  It all comes down to one thing.  And that one thing is the source of all lackness.

If we lack confidence it is because of IT.
If we lack money it is because of IT.
If we lack happiness it is because of IT.
If we lack beauty it is because of IT.
If we lack peace within it is because of IT.
If we lack wisdom it is because of IT.

I have had IT sporadically but because it comes and goes and I can never hang on to IT I seek IT.  But obviously not with fervor or I would have IT all the time.
I love IT when I have IT.  I hate IT when I don’t.
When I don’t have IT I can never figure a way to get IT.
IT just seems to show up and I revel in the wonderfulness.

Nuts…..if only I could figure IT out?
You can’t beat Willpower!

27 thoughts on “What I Lack….”

  1. I like to say, I have it all together ! but in reality my lacks and imperfections is a part of who I am. Without them “I would not be me” – This is a great post !

    1. You do too! Still striving though. Slept in this morning on purpose I suppose, and the snow is flying sideways! Snow! There have been years when I have already had a tan by now!

  2. Dern that IT!

    Good job on the challenge. I almost did it too, but I had a hard time getting inspired to write on any of the topics this week. Oh, well, there’s always next week.

    1. I want it… why do I make it difficult..to get IT..maybe you could do a little piece of advice on that one? Now I got the song in my head for the day so will use it for inspiration!

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