Some Swim with the Fishes


Some Swim with The Fishes

I swim with a small group of elderly folk. Now before some of you youngsters out there start to roll your eyes and chuckle, these guys are like twenty and thirty years older than I.

I am fortunate to live in a lovely building that has a large indoor pool, gym, sauna, hot tub..well you get the idea. And every morning I swim. Okay, okay..since I have come to love y’all I’ll tell the truth. I swim four or five times a week. But in my mind I swim every day.

When I started the morning thing I met a couple in their eighties who ARE there every morning. He swims leisurely and she walks around the pool. (they also hit the gym in the afternoon.)  Then comes an even older lady who exercises in the water doing stretches. The topper is a gal in her nineties who comes in with her walker. She is amazing. She does LAPS! And not just one or two but again and again. They are all an inspiration to me. And an education.

I find out when Asparagus is on sale, what market has the best sales, who is running for local government, what is making our country great and who not to vote for. I also find out an amazing amount of local gossip.

I have been in this building for four years and barely know my neighbors. This quiet little group tell me every time there has been a plumbing problem, exactly how a robbery took place, who is getting married, who is getting unmarried, well everything imaginable.

They also give me advice. I’m a kid to them. And I lap it up. They have raised families, fought in wars, immigrated, and survived cancer, death of loved ones and aging.

They are truly inspiring and it is an honor to be welcomed into their group.

Their knowledge is a little spooky though. They never ask me personal questions and I never say much but I just have this feeling they know everything.

Judith at did a nice piece on
Chronology vs Biology. She is fairly new having just started her blog in March. If you get a chance please stop by and welcome her!

16 thoughts on “Some Swim with the Fishes”

    1. they do..a little at a time..I am trying to remember them so am playing close attention..they have a lot to teach us!
      Thanks for commenting. BTW I think you should wear those shoes next time to dinner!

  1. community can be made and found in the most interesting places, don’t you think? We just have to be open and receptive.
    walk in beauty.

  2. I’m not laughing because I think it’s awesome! Last year I went to a trail marathon to support a friend who was running. The oldest runner was in her 80s, and she finished…and far from last.

  3. Loved this… and they probably know everything about you too.
    Hopefully, you are the friendliest young one in their group so they won’t share your story with another tenant. The 90+ year old lap swimmer is impressive. You should interview her. I bet she has stories that will make your head spin. 8)

  4. Beautiful. We were bike riding in northern Ohio once and came across a man jogging. Shirtless. Lean. He had finished his run and was stretching. I went to talk to him. He was 89. It felt SO good to see him doing something he loved and he was ageless doing it. Thats the kind of world I love! I hope your fishes swim forever!

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