What is your Customer Service Pet Peeve?

Nothing to do with customer service..my son and DIL in their natural state


What is your Customer Service Pet Peeve?

Or do you even have one?

I am a pretty peeveless person so it surprises me that a pitch made with good intention is just so annoying. More than annoying, it makes me grit my teeth and cast murderous looks at wee puppies, children of any age, groups of nuns and anybody who steps in my path. I’m too polite a person to ever verbalize nastiness so I settle for The Glare.

Wee puppy

I just cannot figure out how the higher ups ever embraced a campaign of this nonsense. I am speaking about one particular large grocery store chain where every cashier greets you with, “How are you today?”

First of all I don’t want to tell you, it’s none of your business.
Secondly do you really want to know that my husband left me, that I am dying, that I have a communicable disease, that the dingo stole my baby?

A google search defines customer service as:

Taking care of your customers, their needs and desires in a professional and courteous manner.

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

I am sorry! Where does it say you have the right to pretend to care how I am?
In my mind I ask to see the manager, then sit him/her down and actually tell him. Everything I can think of or make up.

Now I look at this I seem to be perhaps the teeniest bit extreme.
I wonder what Dr. Sana at friendtoyourself.com would say?

Now am I really nutso on this or do any of you have a similar beef?

16 thoughts on “What is your Customer Service Pet Peeve?”

  1. I would love to tell a customer services rep that a dingo stole my baby!! Not that I have a baby to be stolen or that I am anywhere near at all to where a dingo might live…

    Pet peeves… silly names. Why do customer services reps have to have such silly names? For instance, I opened a shoe and sock catalogue today (that I didn’t ask for. Well, I did ask for it, but that was years ago) and saw that the customer services person is now called – I kid you not – the ‘sock captain’.

    I mean, WHAT??

    1. Sock captain is hilarious! I’ve seen a lot like that in nursing..patients became clients..nurses for some employers became client care facilitators..
      I like your site and am looking forward to visiting again! Thanks Val!

  2. I abhor bad,or indifferent service but a cheerful pitch I can live with… Although an over familiar approach always makes me suspicious. 🙂

  3. My pet peeve? All the sadness and misery out there. Service to others is difficult, no doubt about it. But after my teenage daughters started working in fast food jobs I immediately took it upon myself to change what I expected out of others. My daughters would come home with horror stories of being yelled at, cussed at, and dismissed and “snubbed”. I decided I would treat those who were in a service position and doing a not very friendly job of it….with kindness. What has their day been like? Did they just get some horrible news? Did they have to go to work and leave a sick baby with a sitter? Is their car breaking down and they have no way to pay for it? Grant it, some people are just down right mean. But I feel better about me if I don’t act like them. Criminy I hope that didn’t sound preachy! It was just a better way for me to not become sad about people being mean.

    1. Colleen what you said was perfect as usual. People in public service industries have a difficult job as your daughters found out. Thank you and you can get preachy anytime!!

  4. A smile is good enough for me 🙂
    My brain wants to explode when I hear a chronic complainer and blamer. Would love to see a ratio of 1:100 — 1 complain to every 100 affirmations not the other way around! Blessings to everyone 🙂

  5. I like when the shopkeeper says “how are you?” If they don’t ask me, I ask them…I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell them all my problems, but it’s nice to be acknowledged. I always always acknowledge service workers who have to deal with the public on a daily basis. It’s not an easy job for anybody. You never know what funny story they’ll tell you that will make for good writing or make you laugh when you least expect it.

  6. That was one of my fathers many peeves. “What ever happened to “Hello”?” he would ask.

    I am with you Country Living. I have a freind that worked as a cashier for many years and never ceased complaining about “the public” as if she was not part of it.

    My particular pet peeve is that customer service is so darned rare as to be nearly extinct.

  7. I hate employees that complain about how miserable their jobs are! If ya don’t like it, quit! and give it to me!:-)

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