The Royal Wedding and Me

The Royal Wedding And Me

I just got a mini lesson on royal etiquette so I can be prepared for my attendance at the wedding of my old friends Will and Kate.  Actually they are too young but I always considered his dad as an old friend.  Okay not really. Truthfully as a very young child when I first heard there was a prince in England about my age I was convinced that someday I would be his princess.  I think I was five.  What did I know?

The mini lesson was on the evening news and aside from which piece of cutlery to use when and how, or curtsy the most important instructions were: don’t speak unless spoken to and don’t touch. Oh and don’t chew gum.  

It seems Kate’s mom came under criticism when she was spotted chewing gum at William’s graduation.  And First Lady Michelle Obama came under severe criticism when she met the Queen and in a friendly gesture put her arm around the Monarch’s shoulder.

Strange to say my invitation has not arrived which may mean that for some reason I was left off the list.  It might be just as well as I am not sure I could abandon my gum chewing shoulder hugging ways!

Oh yes…I never did find my prince..just the odd court jester or two!

14 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding and Me”

  1. Hi Chris. I just had to decline the invitation. My grandson is having a birthday – 14 – and I just have to attend.
    Anyway, what does one wear to a Royal wedding? Slacks and sweaters are the order of the day here where it is now autumn and getting cold.

  2. My invitation was lost in the mail as well. After I informed the royal family that it had not come, I promptly received their profuse apologies from a courier wearing a funny hat who hand-delivered a new invitation. I then RSVP’d with a cordial decline because I will be too busy attending my pet rabbit’s third birthday party this year. She seems to think that since her lifespan is shorter than mine, she deserves ten times as many birthdays. I dare not refuse her.

  3. I thought the same thing about Prince William.. I could have sworn we would be married one day! Unfortunately, Kate got there first and they didn’t even bother to send me an invite either!

  4. You’ll be fine without the lot. We can arrange a mad hatter’s tea party and have a blast. If they won’t let you chew gum then say adios to them. no? 8)

  5. It is hard to know other’s culture or their “ways” or Royalty. I am glad I am not on this list because gum chewing is a must. LOL

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