I Hate Dust

I Hate Dust 

Not enough to disturb it.  I just hate the way it is.. well so dusty.  I try to live and let live and with so many clean freaks out there I figure it needs to have a safe haven somewhere.

Please do not for one minute think I am freako here its just that today everything is about bacteria and anti bacteria.  We have cleaned and sanitized ourselves silly and right into risky health.  We, whoever we are, have no immunity and the bugs are winning.

 Antibiotics were a good thing way back when but have been so overused the bugs got smart and mutated. Now we have super bugs, MRSA, VRE, and so on.  There is always a new one coming along. 

Okay all that is a little over dramatic on the dust thing.  Another procrastinating excuse.  Any way I do get dusting now and then and it sure feels good to see every thing gleaming and shining.

By the way, on yesterdays post – I never got the door washed but I got a comment from Baxter Bunny that it is good Feng Shui to keep your doors especially the front door.  That one I can embrace!   The only Feng Shui I ever remember is to keep your toilet seat lid down to stop the flow of money down the drain. So naturally I do that one.  I call it my financial planning strategy.

And thank you to all who answered my question seeking more Procrastination excuses..I mean reasons.  Of course most had an answer but would have to get back to me sometime when they got around to it..like true procrastinators! 

Now I think I’ll go wash a door!

Is he wondering if Granny is all there?

Honest I was not lecturing him on bugs

or dust!

11 thoughts on “I Hate Dust”

  1. I’ve heard about the toilet seat saying before – it still isn’t enough to remind my husband to put the dang thing down. Maybe if I put some dollar bills in the water, it will remind him a little more. I also heard that in the bedroom, your feet should not face the door when you’re sleeping, because it sucks the energy out of you…or something like that!

    1. That is hilarious ..would that be the same as p*****g away money?
      I heard the same thing once about the bed..AND once upon a time was married and the foot faced the door..am not married now! Thanks for commenting! Heading over to your site now.

  2. oops, all this while I was wondering where allthe money is going…only now I knew it is going through the drain. Wait..I need to close the toilet seat..or should I do it tommorow. Your post on procrastination has influnced me 😉


    1. Mouli you are hilarious!! If all your money gets flushed away you could end up having all the time in the world to procrastinate. Quick now..consider it a life saving measure..that and the need to do CPR when the occasion arrives!

  3. I have seen the light! lol…That’s why we haven’t come into any money! Cause of the toilet seat! lol…Makes ya think!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your dustimentations! And G2 is ADORABLE! If you will excuse me I now have to go put the toilet seat down. No wonder I’ve been losing money!

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