I Washed a Door Today

I Washed a Door Today

Well technically not yet.  But I am working up to it.

You see when I have a task I must do I will find anything else to do. 

Canadian taxes are due April 30th and this was the day to search through papers to make sure I have it all together.  The problem is there are LOTS of papers and every time I get company I do a quick file into any drawer available.  So the plan today was…..

Anyway I started the day optimistically.  But then I realized I had laundry.  So…

After getting that started I thought about my brother and sister in law leaving for sun, sand, and margaritas tomorrow and then I got lost in my memories of previous trips.

Friends came for dinner last night and brought a book they thought I might like. I felt obligated to at least look at it.  So….

The book is The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I can recommend this book as I have quickly read all 902 pages.  NOT my fault I swear!  After all this talk this week on WordPress about writers finding time to read I felt it was my duty.

 So I am quickly running out of excuses, I mean reasons for not doing taxes.  The laundry is almost done, and it isn’t like I actually DO the laundry but I feel I must support my machine while it does it.

 I certainly have the time today.  But then it occurred to me the walls were looking a little dingy and my common sense told me there was no way I could wash all the walls today so I thought I could start with a door and work my way from there.

 Then of course I decided I had not posted today so….

  Hmmm what should I do next?

 Question: Are you a procrastinator and what do you do to achieve it? Really I want to know as I am running out of ideas!

30 thoughts on “I Washed a Door Today”

  1. I filled a bucket with water with the intention of just washing a door. I couldn’t remember where I had put the sponge so a few minutes looking for that. Couldn’t find it had to open a new one. Lucky I found that in the far distant reaches of the broom cupboard. Then couldn’t find any solution to put in the water that by now had gone cold. So I emptied the bucket and picked up my favorite book of all time – Gone with the wind – and that’s where the rest of the day went.

  2. It’s good Feng Shui to keep your doors clean especially the entrance to your home. It makes sense in a way. I don’t follow Feng Shui because there are way too many rules, but I can wash my door.

    1. That’s a good one to know..the only Feng Shui I know is to keep your toilet lid down it is supposed to stop your money from draining away..I swear I read that. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Hope it works! I would hate to see you flush away your money LOL! I am finding it is the money I am spending outside the bathroom that is a problem. But I keep that seat down just in case!

  3. I just convince myself that if I don’t get things done then the worst possible things will happen, resulting in absolute panic and worry, so probably best just to procrastinate!

    1. Hi Kieran,
      In my haste to let others know about your work I assumed you were a woman as I have a friend..girl…with that name. I am so sorry about that mix up and will fix it. Also I really should ask your permission whether or not you want me to post your site.
      Again deepest apolgies!

      1. Ha ha, that’s no problem! It’s happened before, I’ve met girls with my name too. It’s kinda my fault for not having a picture of my face as my avatar…I should probably fix that! Thanks so much for the mention, no need to ask my permission its much appreciated!

  4. I break tasks down into smaller manageable chunks, then when I still don’t do it and all else fails, I turn to four little words from one of my favourite movies, Gone With the Wind, guaranteed to make my mother cringe… tomorrow is another day!

      1. Well, if you’re going to lace up as tight as Scarlett was prone to do then I’d suggest that other line… I’ll think about that tomorrow!

  5. Watch a little telly, then count the sheep flying by your bedroom window… Yes, they are imaginary but who’s to tell? Then have a snack, a chat and a nap… You get the drift 🙂
    Don’t worry , procrastination can be good for creativity. 🙂

    1. I forgot about the sheep, M sister has allergies to drugs. She underwent surgery last September and the doctor insisted she must have morphine post op. She says that when she came to and could see dogs playing in the trees outside her window she decided raw pain was better than that LOL…ps she is fine!

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