Making old friends new..again

Sometimes an old lost friendship is renewed again and is richer than it ever could have been staying together.  Of course I am talking about an old love.  We got caught up in a mess of egos and truthfully it is the only relationship that caused me any degree of pain.  Maybe because I would not let anyone get THAT close to me in previous years.  I had formed an impermeable shield and thought I was pretty happy with it.

We last saw each other in April.  In that time I took a very difficult journey finding out some painful and some wonderful things about myself.  He leaves for the other side of the world next month and we have exchanged some cautious emails in the last few weeks.

He apologized for letting me down and I was able to truthfully able to tell him that the whole experience was one of growth.  I meant it and now we can have a true friendship.

I love to hear your thoughts on this!

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