Those persistent niggling thoughts..

This is January 11th, 2011
If my prayers and meditation say that my vocation is not my right time for my purpose, that there is more, then that is my focus then What is my purpose?  What do I need to be doing?  I have been practicing saying out loud that I am retired.  The fact is I think I am not.
All of my experiences must be the key.  I knew as a child that I would be a nurse.
The thought came to be, clear as a bell when I was fourteen and walking up the back steps of my church.  Out of the blue.  I was puzzled by it and wondered consciously how that would ever happen.  Then I put it out of my mind, A because I had no idea how that would come about, and B because something deep inside said not to worry about it.  So I did not.  Matter of fact I don’t think I ever considered it again.
Years later toward the end of high school someone put a small advert for nurses training in my hand and I just mailed it in. Voilà it happened.
I have a germ of an idea in the back of my mind.  It began with a small tickling that caught my curiosity. The problem is, it’s in the back of my mind, and not one I would normally pursue, however I must give it time and contemplate quietly to give it a chance to blossom.
I find myself excited to find out what it is.

I love to hear your thoughts on this!

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