Just a germ of an idea..

eThe Germ…the idea germinating in the back of my mind.

I find I do not endorse the way Healthcare is moving today.

Everyone spouts care and dignity for our sick and elderly, but it just ain’t happening.  Employers have a heavy handed way with healthcare staff.

Companies do not seem to realize the best way for genuine care and caring for the infirm is that staff need to be shown the same care and caring.
If staff are valued and treated with respect and caring then by George those they care for will already have the best care.

Just because people are fed and kept clean – in most cases, let us not delude ourselves that we are giving them the best.  We are not.
Staff Are disrespected to the nth degree.  A big part of the problem is that senior administration feels they must laud their superiority over them.

Somewhere we have lost the idea that happy staff give more of themselves to the patient, client, resident, the company or  whatever the current term becomes.
I think healthcare should be run like Westjet.  The best of customer service and recognition of for a job well done.  I recently had an Administrator who told me I was too nice.  My friendly relationships with the union was construed by her to be a weakness.  “They are not your friends” she said.  Somehow she lost sight of the fact that while the unions are not our friends, the best possible and successful union/managements are done in a friendly open minded atmosphere.  

Good Heavens we are not giving them controlling rights in business.  But we must respect that any signed contract makes it our contract as much of the unions.  Over the years I have encountered companies that trumpet wonderful mottos such as; It is an honor to serve the sick, and we believe in RESPECT.  Every company has them: glorious words on a page that says Look See how wonderful We are.  I have never met a company yet that lives their beliefs.  Well that is not entirely true.  I have worked for two organizations that came pretty close.
All people, whether they are employees or residents or clients or patients  are entitled to respect and care. If we the leaders in healthcare are unable to deliver these two things then how can we expect our People to do it.
We have removed The Joy Factor from the workplace.
It is my intention to find a way to do it.  It is still a very small germ of an idea.  It still happens in small business I think but there has to be a way of taking it big. 


I love to hear your thoughts on this!

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