Endings or Beginnings?

I guess before I can move into this delicious new year I should take stock of where we ended.  Sort of a status report.
D&K are getting ready to move west.  And she is warming up to the idea of retiring in June.  Lucky girl!
B&K are settling well into their new life in the village.
J started last year sixty-four pounds heavier than she is now.
A my bro I have not seen much of and I plan to change that.
D&S I have not seen near enough of either.  Another important change to make.
L is heading to Hawaii this month.
P a dear friend, I also want to see more of.
P2 is also heading to Hawaii.
Me…I am on the brink of new exciting days.

And everyone one of us went through personal hell this past year.  More tears than laughter.  We all survived.  A little broken and bruised for sure but surviving.


I love to hear your thoughts on this!

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